Day 73 – Back to Havana Again!

Our last day in Varadero….of course we spent it on the beach!!!!

It is truly like a Sandals TV advert there, so peaceful, so perfect. The only thing that ruins it is the rubbish. We sat lounging on the deck chairs under the umbrella all morning except for the occasional dip in the sea.

We checked out the market and hit the shower before the taxi turned up at 4pm to take us back to Havana (a two hour journey back – luckily with air conditioning!).

Back in Havana, it was school for dinner and then packing for more travelling tomorrow! It has been such a laid back weekend, I have so enjoyed it. I really needed it and with great company too!!!

Day 71 – On the way to Varadero

Today was eventful. Four of us decided we wanted to take a weekend trip to Varadero and so at 2pm a taxi came to pick us up. It was a traditional yellow taxi with black leather seats…..urgh in this heat!

Half an hour away from Varadero we stopped for a toilet break and the taxi decided to stop working. As it was a Cuban driver, of course everything was ok and no stress was needed. It was all smiles and laid back while he tinkered under the bonnet and 15 minutes later we were back on our way.

Our casa was nice and close to the beach and after dropping our stuff we went on a search for an ATM as I wasn’t able to change money at the school before we left before going to check out the beach. Of course, there had to be some drama.

When we found the ATMs I quickly went and out my card into the machine which it took. I then looked at the screen. The black, blank screen…..2 seconds later a guy came over and confirmed that it wasn’t working. A slight panic started to enter my thoughts that I would be without money but I was already telling myself that’s a problem for after the weekend and to just enjoy myself. However, the chilled out Cuban told me my card would be spat out in 5 minutes or so. Sure enough, with some kind of insane luck, it came out the machine!

We took a little walk to the beach just to check it out. It was beautiful. White sand, blue sea and skies. Nothing on the horizon. Very peaceful even with the other tourists.

We decided to go to the Chinese restaurant on the beach for dinner. I was super excited as I haven’t had Chinese food in so long! They even had dumplings in the menu, although nowhere near as good as the ones at home.

After dinner we went to the beach to watch the sun go down (which decided to go behind a cloud so we saw nothing) and have a few drinks. After a bottle was finished we headed to a bar across the road where the piña colada’s commenced. I’m getting good at ordering them in Spanish!

Dancing, singing, a burnt eye (yes I ended up with a  a cigarette to the eyeball) and swimming in the sea later, I think we finally made it back about 2:30am.

Day 72 – Varadero

Oh dear. I was so hungover today it was ridiculous. It is so easy to get dehydrated here with how hot it is, the alcohol hit me like a tonne of bricks this morning. I felt awful. We were supposed to be ready to leave by 10:30am….because of me, we didn’t get to the beach until 12pm!

I was feeling extremely sorry for myself. The beach is the BEST place to be hungover. Laying under an umbrella on a sun lounger with water to sip, sun, sea and sand with the occasional nap. Ignoring the sick feeling…perfection!

We spent the whole day at the back relaxing and swimming and soaking the sun. When we left I was feeling human again!

We went back and showered to try and get rid of the sand….I’m sure it will be with me for the next month!!!! It gets everywhere! I was fairly presentable afterwards though and Roger decided he wanted lobster for dinner. We headed off to the best lobster restaurant in Varadero and man was it good! The presentation itself was amazing, but the taste….yum! I think I will dream about it for a while.

We went for a drink at the fated location from the night before and then headed home as we were tired from the night before and the days escapades.

The bestie made it to Varadero too!!!! (Before I forget!)