Day 3 Gainsville

I woke at a more sociable hour today and Matt and I had a cheeky breakfast in bed with TV moment. Always a good way to start the day.

After an urgent dash to Walmart, we came back and I got ready to face the day. We had nothing planned, but our decided mission was to track down a Jacksonville Jaguars top. So off we hopped into the beast.

After half an hour of mooching, we went to St John’s Shopping Centre and went to Dick’s sporting goods – I couldn’t miss a good photo op!

After behaving in the sporting goods shop whilst Matt browsed, I bargained a snack break that turned into a full on meal and dessert break at the Cheesecake Factory *druel*

Ready to roll back to the beast we left, so of course that was the queue for the heavens to opens! We hid in the shop doorways but that didn’t stop us from getting a tad soggy. I got back into the pickup with my toes swimming in their own private pools in my shoes…..

Back at the pad we dried off and I had a necessary nap (Matt may agree that I was acting like a child without one….) Then it was time to get ready and head out for the evening.

I had booked tickets for Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque tour

Which I can you now was awesome. My inner geek was suitably happy and I now have hula hoop goals!

A never ending drive home got us to the pad for our last night sleep in Jacksonville!

Day 82 – The Norm

As per the norm, I was feeling ill again….there was no way I was missing school and falling behind! Roger was also ill today and hadn’t made it to school so it gave me a bit of a chance to catch up on the lessons.
After Spanish it was into salsa. It was just myself and Roger’s wife so we had an intense lesson being twisted and turned this way and that….back and forward…left and right….at the end of two hours I was ready for a break and left Vilma to have her next two hour lesson!

I spent the rest of the afternoon cruising about and chatting with Carola. We had an early dinner to test how I was feeling and so I could head back early, do my homework and get some sleep after missing so much of it yesterday. Hopefully I will feel fully better tomorrow!

Day 30 – Oops La Paz!

I was supposed to get up and visit ruins with the new group, but I felt so unwell I ended up staying in bed and sleeping until 1pm. I woke up much better for it though!

I decided to freshen up and go for a little walk. I had a little bimble through the markets that pack the streets and sat in San Pedro park soaking up the sunshine for a little while.

When I got back to the hotel I was met by some of my group and we headed out for a little walk to a the main market for supplies. When we got there Easter demonstrations were in full swing. I have never seen or heard anything like it in my life. It was so passionate and energetic!

Back at the hotel, we met the rest of our “old” group and decided we would go for some dinner and a quiet farewell drink.

Well it definitely escalated….The first round of shots were free from the pub, then came tequila, B52, J├Ąger, mini Guinness, the pub’s mix and plenty of beer, drinking games and card games. 

At 1am, my roomie saved me and we escaped back to our room to try and get some kind of sleep before our long day tomorrow. Safe to say after not being well and hardly eating, I was sufficiently drunk. Such a good night!

Day 28 – La Paz

We arrived in La Paz at 5:30am (oh that familiar time again!) and we were lucky enough to be able to go straight to our hotel rooms. I didn’t sleep a huge amount on the bus although it was quite comfortable so I was super pleased to have a room even though I didn’t have enough time to sleep!!!

We headed out for breakfast early at one of the local markets. We were going to try the populate aci and pastel for breakfast. I was starving and couldn’t wait! When we got there I could have cried….Aci has cheese in it (cheese really guys?!) and pastel is a pastry filled with cheese and topped with icing sugar. I feel like South America is really against me with cheese!!!! So I sat there like a kicked puppy while everyone else ate.

After that, we were taken to book the next few days activities. I was so hangry by this point all conversation stopped. I booked as quickly as possible and stomped back to the hotel to raid my snack bag. I hadn’t eaten in hours, I had hardly drunk and sleep had been minimal….I was not a friendly person right then. 

Luckily, the weather outside wasn’t great so I took the opportunity to stay installed in my hotel room. I got washing done, slept some, updated my blog, surfed the net and just generally chilled out until the evening.

In the evening, the group met for the last meal. Tomorrow we change guides and a few of the group are going their own way so we get some new people. We went to an English pub next to our hotel. I so gratefully tucked into a roast dinner – it was so good to have some vegetables!!!! I teamed that with a tasty peach and strawberry juice and I was ready for bed.

Tomorrow is another early start….I need to learn!!!!!