Day 8 Universal Studios

We both woke up before our alarm after an awful night sleep – that’s what a late night celebratory Krispy Kreme gets you! So we decided to just get ready and go to Universal Studios.

After parking, we headed to pick up our tickets which of course is never straightforward! Eventually we got to the front of the queue and got sorted ready to join another queue to get into the park…..sense a theme coming on?

In the park, we headed straight for Diagon Alley and to Gringotts bank before the queue had much time to form. 15 minutes later we were whirling around the tracks get wowed by the graphics and effects!

After that excitement we were starving and ready for some breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron (luckily for us it was normal food!).

Fueled up and ready to go, we started to adventure round the park and go on other rides where the queues weren’t too ridiculous….

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and the weather was piping hot, so I persuaded Matt (not that his arm needed twisting much) to go to Ben & Jerry’s – after all, when in Rome…..

The trouble is, I’m a clumsy klutz at times and it can be a real problem….

So off on our next mission….to find me a new top….

Luckily it didn’t take too long to find a replacement so we decided to switch it up and catch the Hogwarts express over to the other park.

Obviously we rode in the best carriage….

We are arrived at a PACKED Hogsmeade and with the weather only getting warmer, we decided to call it and go on a mission to the Hard Rock Café.

The Hard Rock Café in Orlando is the largest in the world, it looks like it is in an old school colosseum. The shop was a temptation in itself to buy everything, but I remained restrained!

After the final obligatory photos we headed back to the hotel for a relaxing swim in the pool and a laid back evening.

Day 7 Orlando

I woke up ready to go from the moment I opened my eyes (poor Matt!). Today is the last Disney day so I was excited to get stuck in.

First stop….Hollywood studios!

Finally I got a ride with some drops and a loop and bonus….only a 5 minute queue!

Once we had gone on a couple of rides, eaten breakfast and checked out the shops, it was back to the car for the final park – Animal Kingdom.

The heat by this point was hard work….according to my app is was feeling 37°c….compared to a toasty 12°c at home in England, that’s quite a difference!

I was started to wilt, but determined to atleast see the animals at Animal Kingdom, so after a food stop and some fluid it was time to queue. We went on the Safari and then decided to call it quits and head for some aircon before I evaporated!

One nap later, it was time for dinner and the much awaited Orlando Magic game. I’ve never seen a basketball game before so I was super excited – and it was Matt’s favourite team playing, so obviously so was he!

We had great seats and it was an awesome game with Magic winning 119-80! I LOVED all the break entertainment, it was so lively, fun and it had such great atmosphere. I can’t wait to go to my next game!

Day 6 Epcot

An early rise ready for the magic hour of staying in a Disney hotel (sadly we are checking out today!). But we hopped in the car after packing and headed over to Epcot!

It was great to be there so early. There was hardly anyone there, it meant we could miss the queues and get ALL the cheesy pics!

Epcot has a surprising number of Disney princesses wandering around casually! I think they come to escape Magic Kingdom….I managed to get a fair chunk in my autograph book and obviously I had the pics to prove it happened.

In between the princesses we melted, rode as many rides as possible and posed for the random photographers around the park – they could obviously see our model qualities….

Before the heat completely wiped up out, we said goodbye to Epcot and headed off to check into our next hotel and off to my favourite place (Walmart!). I managed to find a dulce de leche churro – all that was missing was my wifey – miss you wifey!!!!!

Our evening I had arranged for us to go on a bioluminescence kayaking tour. After driving through about 100 toll stops we arrived just on time and hurriedly joined the others to pick up our oar and life jacket. They also gave us an awesome pink glow stick so they didn’t loose us. It was then I figured I should probably tell Matt I hadn’t kayaked before and so I would be learning on this trip… the dark…..

Have no fear! There was no capsizing. I got soaked, but only because I couldn’t stop playing in the water to see the bioluminescent lights. It was truly magical! Every little movement produced dancing lights.

We even went fishing with nets (for tiny jellies) which had me memorised!!!!! I named jellies as follows; Button, Shelly, Stewie, Louis, Eliza, Joey.

After two hours, it was time to come back in, much to my disappointment. What a magical day I have had here in Florida.

Day 5 Disney World

I was like a child on Christmas day getting out the hotel this morning. We parked up and I practically ran to the tram and onto the monorail!

First things first once through the gates, get suitable head gear for us both….

Then we were ready to commit fully to a Disney day! We had our fast passes, our head gear, some breakfast and excitement to power us through.

We hit the rides…

Met the princesses….

Ate the snacks….

And even snuck in a caricature!

It was a packed day to say the least. We were out for over 12 hours, but finally it was time to say goodnight to the magic, get back to the hotel room, shower and drop!

Yay Disney!!!!

Day 4 Goodbye Jacksonville

It was time to say goodbye to our lovely little pad in Jacksonville. After a quiet few days, it was time to get back on the road to Orlando.

Not before stopping for the ultimate pic!

They even had my ë! It must be mine…..

The weather got worse the closer we got to Orlando, but one hotel room upgrade later, we were settled into Disney world.

Settling into the room, I had a momentary brain blip, stressed myself out, confused the bank, gave myself a headache and joined the weather in misery!

Matt suggested a trip to the Hard Rock, but upon trying to get there we realized it was in Universal Studios, so we will wait until then.

Giving up on doing anything other than eat for the night, we got some grub and went back to the room.

Disney time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Day One Travel

I’m back with a new trip!

I eeked myself out of bed and into my lovely sister-in-law’s car to get to the airport, where Matt and I were given a lovely upgrade…. And the journey began.

I can confirm that 8 hours first class is much more comfortable, but not more interesting than cattle. I was super excited about the legroom though – I wanted to do a little dance in it! As a tall person, cattle brings tears to my eyes, especially on long haul for leg room!

I settled myself in, started my marathon of films, nibbled my snacks, fidgeted almost non-stop and even tried for a nap…. No such luck!

Upon landing, I said goodbye to my little haven and headed to the queue for passport control, baggage and then finally to pick up the car.

Oh boy was the car exciting! We got a pick-up….I feel all American right now! A two hour drive from the airport got us to our little cottage in Jacksonville where we will stay for a few days.

And on that note, I’m going to go and collapse in a sleepy heap. I’ll have more tomorrow!