Day 6 Epcot

An early rise ready for the magic hour of staying in a Disney hotel (sadly we are checking out today!). But we hopped in the car after packing and headed over to Epcot!

It was great to be there so early. There was hardly anyone there, it meant we could miss the queues and get ALL the cheesy pics!

Epcot has a surprising number of Disney princesses wandering around casually! I think they come to escape Magic Kingdom….I managed to get a fair chunk in my autograph book and obviously I had the pics to prove it happened.

In between the princesses we melted, rode as many rides as possible and posed for the random photographers around the park – they could obviously see our model qualities….

Before the heat completely wiped up out, we said goodbye to Epcot and headed off to check into our next hotel and off to my favourite place (Walmart!). I managed to find a dulce de leche churro – all that was missing was my wifey – miss you wifey!!!!!

Our evening I had arranged for us to go on a bioluminescence kayaking tour. After driving through about 100 toll stops we arrived just on time and hurriedly joined the others to pick up our oar and life jacket. They also gave us an awesome pink glow stick so they didn’t loose us. It was then I figured I should probably tell Matt I hadn’t kayaked before and so I would be learning on this trip… the dark…..

Have no fear! There was no capsizing. I got soaked, but only because I couldn’t stop playing in the water to see the bioluminescent lights. It was truly magical! Every little movement produced dancing lights.

We even went fishing with nets (for tiny jellies) which had me memorised!!!!! I named jellies as follows; Button, Shelly, Stewie, Louis, Eliza, Joey.

After two hours, it was time to come back in, much to my disappointment. What a magical day I have had here in Florida.