Day 4 Goodbye Jacksonville

It was time to say goodbye to our lovely little pad in Jacksonville. After a quiet few days, it was time to get back on the road to Orlando.

Not before stopping for the ultimate pic!

They even had my ë! It must be mine…..

The weather got worse the closer we got to Orlando, but one hotel room upgrade later, we were settled into Disney world.

Settling into the room, I had a momentary brain blip, stressed myself out, confused the bank, gave myself a headache and joined the weather in misery!

Matt suggested a trip to the Hard Rock, but upon trying to get there we realized it was in Universal Studios, so we will wait until then.

Giving up on doing anything other than eat for the night, we got some grub and went back to the room.

Disney time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Day 3 Gainsville

I woke at a more sociable hour today and Matt and I had a cheeky breakfast in bed with TV moment. Always a good way to start the day.

After an urgent dash to Walmart, we came back and I got ready to face the day. We had nothing planned, but our decided mission was to track down a Jacksonville Jaguars top. So off we hopped into the beast.

After half an hour of mooching, we went to St John’s Shopping Centre and went to Dick’s sporting goods – I couldn’t miss a good photo op!

After behaving in the sporting goods shop whilst Matt browsed, I bargained a snack break that turned into a full on meal and dessert break at the Cheesecake Factory *druel*

Ready to roll back to the beast we left, so of course that was the queue for the heavens to opens! We hid in the shop doorways but that didn’t stop us from getting a tad soggy. I got back into the pickup with my toes swimming in their own private pools in my shoes…..

Back at the pad we dried off and I had a necessary nap (Matt may agree that I was acting like a child without one….) Then it was time to get ready and head out for the evening.

I had booked tickets for Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque tour

Which I can you now was awesome. My inner geek was suitably happy and I now have hula hoop goals!

A never ending drive home got us to the pad for our last night sleep in Jacksonville!

Day 2 At Augustine

I was surprised that I slept quite well and didn’t feel like I had been hit by a plane when I woke up. A shower bought me fully into the day and ready for breakfast!

After breakfast we decided to drive out to At Augustine. It didn’t take very long and the sun was shining.

We started out in the old town, wandering George Street, in and out of the shops and old buildings. The best shop was called Faux Paws which sold all pet accessories….of course it was necessary to get Luna the crazy Labrador X a little something.

I’m out of practice with the heat and humidity – England has started to get terribly cold recently, so I milked it and we stopped at Ben & Jerry’s for an ice cream.

Refreshed and ready, we wandered over to the old fort and had a walk round the walls taking in the views. The beautiful weather made it so stunning.

Last but not least at St Augustine’s was to check out Ripley’s Believe it or not!

After being shown the weird, wonderful and concerning at Ripley’s (it’s the third one I’ve been to and there are still more bizarre things at each!). It was time to feel “cheesy American” and go to Walmart for some supplies….I tried to rein it in…..

With jet lag beginning to make me run out of va va voom, it was time to go back to the beast and head home for a quiet evening.

Day One Travel

I’m back with a new trip!

I eeked myself out of bed and into my lovely sister-in-law’s car to get to the airport, where Matt and I were given a lovely upgrade…. And the journey began.

I can confirm that 8 hours first class is much more comfortable, but not more interesting than cattle. I was super excited about the legroom though – I wanted to do a little dance in it! As a tall person, cattle brings tears to my eyes, especially on long haul for leg room!

I settled myself in, started my marathon of films, nibbled my snacks, fidgeted almost non-stop and even tried for a nap…. No such luck!

Upon landing, I said goodbye to my little haven and headed to the queue for passport control, baggage and then finally to pick up the car.

Oh boy was the car exciting! We got a pick-up….I feel all American right now! A two hour drive from the airport got us to our little cottage in Jacksonville where we will stay for a few days.

And on that note, I’m going to go and collapse in a sleepy heap. I’ll have more tomorrow!