Day 13 – Homeward Bound

I got up this morning and had the dorm to myself, everyone had checked out yesterday night so I cranked up the tunes, hit the shower and got packing with some added feel good dancing moments. I checked out with 2 minutes to spare.

I had a few hours to burn so I went to my favourite coffee shop in San Francisco – Peet’s, where I can get coconut milked mocha with coconut milk whipped cream – so much yum! Sadly no cream today….just my luck.

I downed a litre of water to keep the headache at bay, used their super high tech facilities (I felt like I had moved forward a decade into the future) and then walked to the BART station to go the the airport. 

40 minutes and a desperate pee dance later, I was at the airport and the waiting began. I was 40 minutes early for check in…oh the joy! I did however manage to get an emergency exit seat for free, so fingers crossed for the leg room….

Then more waiting and more waiting and more waiting…..

It’s going to be so long to get home *sigh*