Day 13 & 14 Home Time

I think this was our first actual lay in!!!! We stayed in bed for ages and only headed out for breakfast about 11am! We went to our favourite diner and ordered allllll the pancakes. I had eyes bigger than belly and couldn’t get close to finishing 🙁 so heart breaking!

After, we decided to get the car and head out towards Fort Myers for a couple of shops. I was on a mission to find my brother a hockey puck.

The drive was awful! The heavens opened and it was way beyond cats and dogs. For a moment I thought I had transitioned to being a mermaid and was living underwater….

We headed for the stadium to look for the fateful puck and found queues of cars preparing to park. Genius here hadn’t thought to check if there was a match on – doh!

A quick u turn and we headed to the shopping centre across the road. As we wandered around seeing the fans passing the time before the game, I thought I’d check to see what the chances of getting tickets was like….

Before we knew it, Matt and I were sat in row 2 at the Panthers Vs Blue Jackets ice hockey game.

I’ve never been to an ice hockey game before and it was AWESOME!! I loved it. The atmosphere, the aggression, the speed, the skill, the food – everything. I was in my element. Sadly, the panthers didn’t get the win at this game, but it was a great watch and a brilliant way to end our last official day in Florida.

This morning was spent eating pancakes at our diner, packing – eww ewww ewwww! And going to the airport waiting to hear home again. As much as I hate travelling coming to an end, I am looking forward to heading back home.

Sometimes you realise that home really is where your heart is.