Hamburg Day 3

My final day with my wife…. It felt sad but we definitely wanted to make the most of it! We started with our breakfast routine and I packed up my stuff so I was ready to have the day out. I got my trainers on and we hit the road. We walked and walked and walked, talking and taking in the view and fun times together.

We stopped for a top up waffle and then rolled the rest of the way round the lake to Christine’s work place. It was great to see her office and where she spends her days. I will be able to picture it so clearly now!

Then as per instruction back home, we rolled (good ol’ waffle!) to the stadium to get a shirt and of course continue the giggles. We stopped at an old fashioned photo booth first and I’m sure everyone in Hamburg could here is laugh as we posed away like the paparazzi were there for us.

We found the requested shirt and went for a walk drifting around the city and headed back to the apartment for the dreaded return home….

Finally it was the sad time to head to the station and hug out our goodbyes. I had the best few days with my wifey and I know we are already planning our next trips to see each other.

Hamburg Day 2

Today was perfect. I had a lazy start to the day with Christine putting on a top notch breakfast spread that we tucked into in the sofa together. She even made me a hot chocolate using cocoa from Sri Lanka!

We got dressed and ready to face the day and head on out, but not before taking homemade birthday cake to her lovely neighbour! Carrot cake is the best 😍

We then jumped on the train and went to pick up our car for the day. I was so ready to begin our mini road trip.

After a 20 frightening minutes later (only kidding Wifey!) we arrived at the pier on the Elbe River. Whilst pulling up to park Christine saw her two friends that we were meeting, so before you knew it we were honking and waving like crazy people let out for the day! But a few moments later we were settled on the pier like old friends (well, the others were but I was honorary!).

There was swimming, sun bathing, eating, relaxing, laughing….it was like I had known Sara, Caro and Christine all my life. I soaked up the rays happily and I even managed not to burn.

When we all decided it was ice-cream time and nowhere was insight, we made the plan to reconvene at Luicella’s to gorge on the most amazing ice cream….I’m going to ignore the fact it is my second day running and stick the the reasoning of being on holiday…..

Wifey and I had the most romantic of evenings. We had a picnic dinner on the sofa, watching a chick flick with candles and the best company I could ask for. It really was a perfect day in Hamburg.

Hamburg Day 1

It was finally time for the reunion with my wife! I hopped on a plane at Heathrow (where I was on the same flight as her lovely sister – a good sign!) And soon landed in Hamburg to a loving hug and friendly face.

After a late night chatting and catching up we hit the hay ready for my first real day in Hamburg to begin.

Saturday morning and my wifey took me to the most amazing breakfast café. I had the most heavenly mocha and the food was to die for. Naturally we hardly stopped talking enough to eat the food!

Next up, as per my request we headed to the Hard Rock cafe to purchase my pin for my collection. This was the first time Christine had been into a Hard Rock and I was thrilled I could take her and she could help me pick my pin.

Our next adventure (well for me anyway, for Christine more the norm) we headed to the ElbTunnel and took the stairs like some kind of strange fitness freaks….there was a reason we were indeed alone!

The views were amazing! The weather was literally picture perfect and of course I had the best company.

Christine was an awesome tour guide and took me around Hamburg all the while filling me in with bits of history or informational tidbits. On a beautiful day like today there was so much to enjoy

Of course before long it was time to refuel. You will probably never hear me say this again ever….ever! But I had the world’s best salad for lunch!!!!

I think I will dream about that tasty greenery tonight it was that good….

A few stops left for the day. We managed to catch some awesome Lindy bop dancing by the lake whilst soaking up some fun music, sunshine and relaxation. It was a great view of Hamburg.

Follow that up with an amazingly tasty ice cream, a trip to the supermarket and a boat party, I feel like we had a real wifey date day! What a great first day in Hamburg!

Cologne Day 3

Today we rented a car and went for a trip to the past, back to RAF Laarbruch (which is now Weeze airport). First stop my old house on Stettiner Strasse…..

After almost twenty two years a lot has changed and what was once loads of green space is packed with housing. The block of flats was still there though!

Next we headed over to where Jackson used to live. His street wasn’t named the same anymore and there had been even more building work in his neck of the woods, but he could still track down the block of flats.

We went in search of a late breakfast/early lunch as we had had an early start and stumbled across a nice place where we stuffed our faces (well I did) and much to my delight I realised it was only down the road from the ice cream shop we used to cycle to when I was a child there. With anticipation I scoffed the last bit of food, paid and headed off to Alpago’s….

Memory had only served me partially….I forgot the bit where they close for the winter – doh!

With pouts had, we got back in the car and headed back to “camp” to see the old sights like our school, the old pool and cinema, the gate etc…

Being Sunday, nothing was open so we got back in the car and went to the next stop where Jackson lived in Elmpt.

Memory lane thoroughly visited we headed back to Cologne to return our faithful steed.

We popped back to the hotel for what was supposed to be 5 minutes but turned into a glorious two and a half hour nap and then headed out for some food (bratwurst nom nom nom) before calling it a night.

Cologne Day 2

We had the best blackout blinds ever and managed to sleep until almost lunch time! After dragging our butts up we headed out to go on the hop on hop off our round the city to get some history and have a look about.

We got off at the cathedral getting to enjoy the beauty of the architecture in the daylight before fighting our way through the crowds along the main shopping strip.

We checked out Bose and had fun with some of their props for their mini photo booth before hitting the Lego store and getting some for our growing collection!

We grabbed a late lunch and decided to go to the chocolate museum….my heaven!

We even designed our own choccie bars. I went for caramel biscuit, chocolate chips and almond slithers – divine!

A short stop at the hotel (of course to test the newly made chocolate) we headed off to dinner and the Christmas markets.

It was heaving with people, but we managed to squeeze in enough to check out the stalls and get some waffle before we called it a night ready for an early start tomorrow.

Cologne Day 1

Yay Cologne! Christmas smells, good food, friendly people.

We landed late as our flight had delays (hopefully that means we have had our share for this trip!) and then we had a very confusing trip on the train to try and get to our hotel.

Firstly, it was a marathon walk to get from the terminal to the train platform…I seriously started to question if it even existed?! Then when we got there, there was only four ticket machines….four….for a large airport like Cologne….someone somewhere is having a good old laugh. So after queuing for what felt like days we then got to the front to try and get our tickets. There was some question as to what options to select so the always positive button mash of ‘next’ ensued and out popped two tickets.

On the platform we had another long arduous wait as apparently the trains don’t come on time….or they lie on the signs? Not sure which yet….but finally we got to the town centre!!!

We wandered to our hotel, checked in, dropped our stuff and went looking for food! Of course we went to the Hard Rock Café to pick up my pin…

Then we tried out some of the Christmas market food before heading to the supermarket for supplies to go back to the hotel and rest before our adventures tomorrow.