Day 9 & 10 Fort Myers

Sorry folks – I’m a day behind so I’m combining efforts….

It was check out time from Orlando, we were both exhausted from a few hard days of theme parking but we didn’t want anything to go to waste. So, we headed off to Disney Springs for our last theme park and retail fix!

We cleared out Under Armour’s stock, checked out the chocolatier (believe it or not, the skull is chocolate!), tried on various Disney outfits and stocked up on caffeine.

The final shop to hit was Harley Davidson which I thoroughly enjoyed messing about and dreaming about my own bike….of course mine would be a cruiser!

Shopped out, we went hit the road for the next part of our day….Tampa. First stop, the Hard Rock Café.

I am getting quite a maps worth of pins going now, it is super exciting!

As we were in Tampa, we checked out the local ice hockey stadium and got the requested gift for back home, so I got to tick all the boxes there!

It was then time to head back on the road to our hotel in Fort Myers – and another upgrade woop! With a sea view to boot 😍😍 it felt only right to celebrate the evening with Hooters and some drinking games into the night in the hotel room. P.S. I suck at all drinking games and seem to do a lot of the drinking…..I need to work on this as I am not always great with the whole fresh the next day thing.

Today was a totally mellow and chilled out day. We went to a couple of shops to get the cheesy tourist bit done, had an amazingggggg couples massage at our hotel where I almost fell asleep and then had a lovely walk along the beach. Totally awesome!