Prague Day 4

It was time to say goodbye to Prague – sadly as an early morning!

We had breakfast and whipped around the apartment packing up our things and tidying round. Before we knew it, it was time to hop in the Uber and get to the airport.

Our social skills were a bit on the lacking side due to tiredness but we watched TV to pass the flights…..only a slight delay to manage from Frankfurt to London (always London that is delayed!)

At home I was reunited with my kitty cats before finishing off the anniversary weekend with a meal at our favourite pub and a visit to the flicks to watch Incredibles 2 (BTW freaking awesome!). What a happy first anniversary 😍

Prague Day 3

Our last day in Prague! I started breakfast well with no major mess so the day was already off on a win! We headed out for our next wander – up to the metronome. The metronome stood where a statue of Stalin had been before it was torn down. It symbolises the passing of time, the making of history.

The hike up in the sun wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. There was a hell of a lot of stairs but after yesterday’s warm up to the Eiffel tower, this was a piece of cake!

Where we had soaked up the sun enough, we wandered down, hopped on the bus and went round Prague a bit more. Before deciding to ‘Merica it up and go to Hooters.

I was then overdue my afternoon siesta (I could totally get used to that lifestyle), we went back to the apartment to chill out for a few hours. We decided we would head out later and have an explore round.

On our next exploration, we stumbled upon the senses museum – such fun!

After having a giggle and playing with some mind messes, including laying on a bed of nails….we kept walking. After an hour or so, it was time to eat.

As we had made it so far into the evening, we took our wanders to the Charles Bridge to check it out with all the lights. It was quite pretty although definitely tourist central so before long we headed to get an ice cream and call it a day.

Prague Day 2

Our first full day in Prague and I started it in full clumsy swing by exploding cereal everywhere and flooding the bathroom…. Always a good way to start the day!

Once I had dried the bathroom off and got my act together Matt and I headed out to hit up the big bus tour and check (Czech) put some Prague history – wahey for bad jokes!

We hopped off at the John Lennon wall to check out some of the art work and to walk the streets a little.

We found a memorial for those afflicted by communism. It was quite moving. It was a representation of losing everything about yourself until nothing was left under communist rule.

After looking on a map, we thought we would take the “10 minute” walk to the Eiffel tower of Prague – my foot was it 10 minutes!!!!! My calves have had a workout of a lifetime tackling that mini hike and all the stairs. There were times I just wanted to roll back down the hill, but with lots of encouragement and continuous ignoring of my pouts, Matt got me to the top!

Of course we found time to go in the mirror maze from the 1800’s before walking back down for some lunch and a well deserved ice cream.

One nap later at the apartment (yes I am like a cat!), I was ready to head out again. This time we went for a boat trip and some local food. I would say the boat trip won out over the food on this occasion, but I plan to retest that tomorrow!

We traded in our sea legs after the trip, found a kinder egg because everyone needs a kinder egg and went back to the apartment ready to put our feet up in preparation for tomorrow.

Prague Day 1

Despite going away, getting up early was p-a-i-n-f-u-l! We both dragged ourselves out of best and to the airport like heroes for some breakfast and our flight to Prague.

After a small delay where I fought to not nap on my bag in Frankfurt….we made it!

We had the best Uber driver to take us from the airport to our apartment! He even planned a bank heist with us (if this actually happens, it was NOT us! Just to make this perfectly clear!).

Our apartment was dreamy! Although we had to make it up three flights of stairs, we were greeted with some chocolates and champagne for our anniversary. What cuties!!!!

A well needed pit stop later, we headed out to adventure. First stop – the Hard Rock Café!

Once we had refuelled we went exploring round the old town until our feet started to feel like nubbins. I’m still waiting to feel my toes again!

We stumbled to the supermarket, then back to the apartment, up the three flights of stairs and onto the sofa to vegetate.

First priority, rest up for tomorrow.