Day 7 Orlando

I woke up ready to go from the moment I opened my eyes (poor Matt!). Today is the last Disney day so I was excited to get stuck in.

First stop….Hollywood studios!

Finally I got a ride with some drops and a loop and bonus….only a 5 minute queue!

Once we had gone on a couple of rides, eaten breakfast and checked out the shops, it was back to the car for the final park – Animal Kingdom.

The heat by this point was hard work….according to my app is was feeling 37°c….compared to a toasty 12°c at home in England, that’s quite a difference!

I was started to wilt, but determined to atleast see the animals at Animal Kingdom, so after a food stop and some fluid it was time to queue. We went on the Safari and then decided to call it quits and head for some aircon before I evaporated!

One nap later, it was time for dinner and the much awaited Orlando Magic game. I’ve never seen a basketball game before so I was super excited – and it was Matt’s favourite team playing, so obviously so was he!

We had great seats and it was an awesome game with Magic winning 119-80! I LOVED all the break entertainment, it was so lively, fun and it had such great atmosphere. I can’t wait to go to my next game!