Day 11 The Everglades

Packing in the morning was grudging, slow and painful, but we were out on time and on the road to The Everglades.

When we arrived, I had enough time to make friends with Snippy before heading out on the airboat around the mangroves.

We didn’t see much wildlife in the mangroves, or on our next tour – the swamp buggy! They were tons of fun though.

Our final tour was back on the airboat over the grasslands. Here we saw a huge alligator (and friends) and got up so close.

It was amazing to watch this dinosaur in the wild, although slightly unnerving.

Back on land we checked out the sanctuary (I made friends with Casper this time), but after seeing a snake, I was ready to move on…

Matt drove us on to our hotel in Miami, I was an awesome navigator and fell asleep in the car on the way – doh! When we arrived, we dropped our bags and headed straight out for dinner, we were ravenous!!!! The local diner was on hand with great service and damn tasty food. I had to be rolled out.

We had a wander on the seafront before heading back to the hotel to unwind.