Day 9 & 10 Fort Myers

Sorry folks – I’m a day behind so I’m combining efforts….

It was check out time from Orlando, we were both exhausted from a few hard days of theme parking but we didn’t want anything to go to waste. So, we headed off to Disney Springs for our last theme park and retail fix!

We cleared out Under Armour’s stock, checked out the chocolatier (believe it or not, the skull is chocolate!), tried on various Disney outfits and stocked up on caffeine.

The final shop to hit was Harley Davidson which I thoroughly enjoyed messing about and dreaming about my own bike….of course mine would be a cruiser!

Shopped out, we went hit the road for the next part of our day….Tampa. First stop, the Hard Rock Café.

I am getting quite a maps worth of pins going now, it is super exciting!

As we were in Tampa, we checked out the local ice hockey stadium and got the requested gift for back home, so I got to tick all the boxes there!

It was then time to head back on the road to our hotel in Fort Myers – and another upgrade woop! With a sea view to boot 😍😍 it felt only right to celebrate the evening with Hooters and some drinking games into the night in the hotel room. P.S. I suck at all drinking games and seem to do a lot of the drinking…..I need to work on this as I am not always great with the whole fresh the next day thing.

Today was a totally mellow and chilled out day. We went to a couple of shops to get the cheesy tourist bit done, had an amazingggggg couples massage at our hotel where I almost fell asleep and then had a lovely walk along the beach. Totally awesome!

Day 7 Orlando

I woke up ready to go from the moment I opened my eyes (poor Matt!). Today is the last Disney day so I was excited to get stuck in.

First stop….Hollywood studios!

Finally I got a ride with some drops and a loop and bonus….only a 5 minute queue!

Once we had gone on a couple of rides, eaten breakfast and checked out the shops, it was back to the car for the final park – Animal Kingdom.

The heat by this point was hard work….according to my app is was feeling 37°c….compared to a toasty 12°c at home in England, that’s quite a difference!

I was started to wilt, but determined to atleast see the animals at Animal Kingdom, so after a food stop and some fluid it was time to queue. We went on the Safari and then decided to call it quits and head for some aircon before I evaporated!

One nap later, it was time for dinner and the much awaited Orlando Magic game. I’ve never seen a basketball game before so I was super excited – and it was Matt’s favourite team playing, so obviously so was he!

We had great seats and it was an awesome game with Magic winning 119-80! I LOVED all the break entertainment, it was so lively, fun and it had such great atmosphere. I can’t wait to go to my next game!

Day 4 Goodbye Jacksonville

It was time to say goodbye to our lovely little pad in Jacksonville. After a quiet few days, it was time to get back on the road to Orlando.

Not before stopping for the ultimate pic!

They even had my ë! It must be mine…..

The weather got worse the closer we got to Orlando, but one hotel room upgrade later, we were settled into Disney world.

Settling into the room, I had a momentary brain blip, stressed myself out, confused the bank, gave myself a headache and joined the weather in misery!

Matt suggested a trip to the Hard Rock, but upon trying to get there we realized it was in Universal Studios, so we will wait until then.

Giving up on doing anything other than eat for the night, we got some grub and went back to the room.

Disney time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Day 4 Switzerland

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning but it was totally worth it!

After a quick breakfast, Roger and I kitted up and hopped onto to motorbike for the next 3 and a half hours. It was fantastic! I have been on a motorbike in years and the hair pin turns and beautiful views made for a perfect ride! There was only one hair raising moment where we had a little slip on the white stripe in the road but no damage done and plenty more of the ride to soak up!

We made some prime stops along the way and I took as much GoPro footage as I could manage. I needed to morph into an owl to take in all of what was around me, my eyes and head just couldn’t do it quickly enough!

As the weather started to hot up, we headed back and peeled off the gear before hopping onto the moped and going to meet Vilma for lunch!

It was a lovely goodbye meeting and of course Vilma took me to try the best chocolate in Switzerland and the signature “chocolate kisses” that were totally to die for!

After saying goodbye, Roger took me to the supermarket to stock up on chocolate (not just for the flight home….although tempting!) And then we went back to the apartment to freshen up and have a little quiet time.

For the route back to the airport, Roger took me by the lake in Zürich and I tried to remember every little stunning detail. Traffic flowed – typical when you want it to be slower – and after a drink it was time to say goodbye and head into the airport for my flight back home.

As soon I was in the airport and settled, Roger messaged to say his car had broken down – it must have missed me already! Don’t worry, I will miss you too Switzerland!

Day 3 Switzerland

I was super excited to get up and head out this morning, but not before a lovely breakfast with Roger’s own honey (I wish I had proper luggage to take it all home!)

Then it was time to go….it was time to fly!!! Roger had arranged with his friend for me to be flown for 20 minutes or so over the mountains! It felt like I was getting ready for Top Gun when I climbed into the seat and strapped myself in – maybe a little less elegant….

The pilot Stefan took me over the beautiful mountains, towards Austria and along the Rhine. I was utterly speechless at how amazing and beautiful this experience was. The accountant in me starting totalling up if I could afford it as a hobby!!!! (The answer is no!)

After the smoothest landing of my life to date, I was shown Roger’s friend’s two seated, engined glider. He let me sit in it and talked me through everything. There was even a promise that next time he would take me out in it! I felt like a celebrity.

After pulling myself away from the airport, we headed up the mountain to Heidi Dorf where we checked out the fountain and had a little walk to the village in the sunshine. Of course there was an unending number of amazing views and always time for pictures.

It was meltingly hot so it was natural that the suggestion for an ice cream went down gratefully….much like the ice cream itself. I had mango and passion fruit as one scoop and caramel as the other. Both flavours were to die for.

We had been up early and on the go in the constant heat so it was definitely time to head back for a siesta.

Later once is had sort of cooled, it was time to experience the cable car and go up Brambrüesch. At the top we found the restaurant to enjoy an ice cold cider in the sunshine. Perfection.

Vilma collected us and we headed back for dinner. Fondue! I got shown how to eat it and enjoy it like a local (aka not making a mess) and filled my face until I had become one with the chair.

The evening was spent enjoying food, talking and taking in the beautiful view, before an early night for a super early start tomorrow!

Budapest Day 1 & 2

Late yesterday we landed at Budapest airport. Tired, cold and hungry we stumbled out and into a taxi – rookie mistake….there is only one regulated taxi service in Budapest and we weren’t in it! A mortgage later we arrived at our Air BnB apartment. It is so awesome!

After some googling we decided to order and get pizza delivered. We filled in the online form and waited….an hour later and still no pizza we started to get concerned. Hanger was coming! When the pizza guy called, it was sweet relief!!! Then to to find out there was some confusion on getting to the right apartment could have bought me to years. Jackson (ever the hero) stepped in, took the phones and keys and headed down to find the pizza.

15 minutes later I started to get a little fidgety. I know he’s a capable guy but it was only pizza, where was he?! 25 minutes gone by and I was worried…..where the hell was Jackson (and of course most importantly my pizza!!!!!!). After 30 minutes I decided in my pyjamas, Jackson’s boots and my coat to risk leaving the apartment unlocked and head down to the main door to find him.

At the main door I freaked. No Jackson. No pizza. I couldn’t get out the front door as I had no key. I couldn’t call him as I had no phone. As panic set in I decided to head back to the apartment and rethink. As the door to lift began to close I saw a pizza box followed by Jackson come through the front door. I jammed my foot in the door to stop it closing and could have cried.

After getting back into the apartment and calming down/stuffing myself with pizza I finally could relax!

Today was much calmer. We had a very lazy start to the day. We are staying next to the parliament building so headed over to have a look.

After that I had to get my usual hard rock badge and we stumbled across some early Christmas markets here.

Of course, being the foodie I am I couldn’t resist trying the local chimney cake – sugar coma take me now!

The afternoon was spent freezing our butts off on the open top bus tour checking out Budapest and getting some of the history. Hopefully we have sussed what we want to do for the next couple of days!

We finished the night by grabbing a Hungarian sausage at the market to warm up a little (well enough for the walk to Aldi for snacks!) And back to the apartment to chillax – Jackson is much better at this than me!!!

Day 1 – Buenos Aires

So after planning and waiting and planning and chaos (including throwing myself  a down the stairs!) I am finally here!

My flight was emotional and long. I hoped it would be more exciting – it was rather anticlimactic on that front, but 14 hours later I arrived in sunny Buenos Aires.

The airport part was easy, I flew through (every pun intended)! The getting to the hostel was more difficult….The uber couldn’t find me and when it did between myself and the driver we could barely string together a sentence of conversation. Apparently me being able to ask for a sandwich is Spanish is not enough – who knew?!

I arrived at the hostel hours before check in and as much as I wanted to nap the day away in the sunshine, I knew I needed to keep awake and moving. It was only 10am Argentinan time after all!!!

I had heard about a book shop that I wanted to check out and so I took a bimble. I say bimble like it was 2 minutes up the road…Nothing in Buenos Aires is 2 minutes up the road. My legs don’t know what has hit them today! The book shop used to be a theatre and they have kept it as close to original as possible. It was really rather spectacular – my photo does it no justice (excuse my poor photo skills, I’m blaming to exhaustion right now).

My stomach was still working on UK time so I hit the Hard Rock café for some grub and my mandatory pin – a tango dancing one of course!

The next few hours were slow paced and quiet and safe to say exhaustion took hold. The doubts crept in and the emotions swung round more than the colour changes of a chameleon in a bag of skittles.

After a sanity call to home, a sit down in my new bedroom/home for the next few days, I was ready to head out for dinner and a social with one of my new roomies. 

My legs feel like they have been tortured, my feet are crying and right now I barely know if I am typing English I am that tired….But the adventure continues!