Tenerife Day 5

Today we woke up with plans to hit the water park, but we both had a bit of sun stroke and decided the best plan was to stay in bed!

After a late start, we went to the buffet for breakfast and stocked up on fruit before lazing in the apartment and sunshine. I had a wonderful nap and in the time I left Natalie unattended she managed to get sunburnt!!!!

A trip out later to get some essentials and touristy gifts, we caught a taxi back to the apartment to watch Cinderella and apply a lot of after sun….doh!

Tenerife Day 4

The day started well with a delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The colours and flowers were my favourites so it definitely started the day with a smile!

Later in the afternoon, Natalie and I decided we were up for some jet skiing! So, we started the walk down the hill to the beach in search of a vaguely directed water sports hut.

After asking twice, we finally arrived. We dropped off our stuff, donned the life jackets and hot footed it across the sand to the waiting spot. It was then that Natalie decided to reveal that she was afraid of the sea…..

Five minutes later, a larger rubber dingy speed boat appeared to pick us up. We had to wade into the water and then get helped up in. Oh no, not Natalie. One – she’s stubborn, two – she doesn’t like the sea. As I was being helped up into the boat, all I heard beside me was a ‘thunk’. As I turned to look, Natalie was face down, bum and legs in the arms, wiggling herself over the edge of the boat. She slide into a pile on the inside of the boat, just missing face planting much to my amusement. This was then followed by laughter and the description of ‘like a tuna’ from the boat driver and I couldn’t stop myself creasing up. I laughed so hard I cried.

The drive over to the jet ski was amusing. The guy caught on that Natalie didn’t like it and so started doing alsorts of extravagant twists and turns. I was having the time of my life!

What must have felt like an eternity for Natalie, but was only moments, got us to the jet skis. Installed, introduced to the instructor and left bobbing in the sea, we were soon ready to go.

It was incredible! So much fun!!!! Feeling the sea air whip through your hair and the water spray up was just awesome. We had 40 minutes of this freedom before they bought us back in. (Pics to follow). We then have another joyous boat ride back…..

We were both exhausted after all the adrenaline. A slow walk up the hill, we were both ready for a bath, food and bed! What a day!

Tenerife Day 3

We had the laziest start to the say. Having breakfast delivered is a completely joyful luxury that I could totally get used to!

I think I finally hit the shower by midday. I then lounged in the beautiful sunshine and read my book. Perfection!

Eventually we decided to venture out to the “tourist” section of town and much to our glee managed to find fresh vegetables – at last!!!!

After walking for miles in the sunshine, getting to the Hard Rock café for me to pick up my faithful pin, checking out the tourist spots and checking out the beach, it was time to get the bus home with our goods. We couldn’t believe how cheap it was to get the bus….even if it did drop us the wrong end of the hill.

A painful trudge uphill got us back to the hotel to relax and put our feet up for a very laid back evening.

Tenerife Day 2

So after yesterday’s dramas we decided today would be a real relax day.

We got up late, had breakfast delivered to the room, sun bathed, read a book, had an amazing shower, a late lunch and some music. Totally mellow.

We finally left the apartment about 4pm where we headed on a little adventure to see the beach, check out the mall (of course we made a friend) and have a slow trudge up the killer hill.

The evening was even more relaxing with some chuffy TV, a bath, girly chats and a late dinner. Perfect!

Tenerife Day 1

Today we headed off for a girls holiday….it started eventfully with items having being stolen from my car, sat nav sending me in the wrong direction, a small machine mess up at check in and a 40 minute delay for take off.

We finally made it though and after a bit of a search to get our transfer, Natalie and I arrived to our five star luxury girl pad!

We decided our first mission, as almost all food pretty much will kill Natalie, should be to head to the supermarket and get our weekly food to set us up. It seemed such a good idea….little did we know!

We started out soaking up the sunshine and taking in the views. By the time we were at our third “supermarket”, we were losing the will to live. We had been walking 30 minutes already and were no closer to getting food. We put some tunes on and hit the pavements for a long walk to the main supermarket another 20 minutes away rationalising that we could get a taxi back with our goods.

Finally at the supermarket we stocked up with meats, melon, other supplies and the all important water….10 litres of it…..

Next was where the fun really started – getting a taxi. So apparently it is a little different to back home to get a taxi. There are taxi stops like bus stops where you can hail them when they come by. IF they ever come by!!!!! We sat for 30 minutes and didn’t see a taxi, just more and more people waiting. We called a taxi company and our hotel, all of whom assured us they were sending a taxi but didn’t want our names or any information.

After pushing our patience to the limit and a cheeky portion of McDonald’s chips to restore faith, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start walking. Did I mention we had 10 litres of water?!

The walk was painful….in all ways possible…..we kept having pit stops and crying out in hope for a miraculous taxi.

I may have also forgotten to mention how hilly Tenerife appears to be and that our beautiful five star accommodation was on the top of the biggest hill in the area – oh the joy.

Reaching the bottom of the Everest feeling climb, I began to cry internally at what was to come. My hands were already numb with pain and I was sweating pints. As were began to take the fateful steps, we turned and with heavenly timing saw a taxi stop for us. We decided the driver must be Jesus! We were in the taxi less than 2 minutes, but it felt a total miracle.

We stumbled up the stairs with our goods and landed in our apartment to celebrate with a well earned sit down and some dinner. I think we explored enough….

Day 13 – Homeward Bound

I got up this morning and had the dorm to myself, everyone had checked out yesterday night so I cranked up the tunes, hit the shower and got packing with some added feel good dancing moments. I checked out with 2 minutes to spare.

I had a few hours to burn so I went to my favourite coffee shop in San Francisco – Peet’s, where I can get coconut milked mocha with coconut milk whipped cream – so much yum! Sadly no cream today….just my luck.

I downed a litre of water to keep the headache at bay, used their super high tech facilities (I felt like I had moved forward a decade into the future) and then walked to the BART station to go the the airport. 

40 minutes and a desperate pee dance later, I was at the airport and the waiting began. I was 40 minutes early for check in…oh the joy! I did however manage to get an emergency exit seat for free, so fingers crossed for the leg room….

Then more waiting and more waiting and more waiting…..

It’s going to be so long to get home *sigh*

Day 12 – Decisions

I woke up this morning in a bit of a turmoil about what I should do, where I should go, what I want. It never seems to be a straightforward answer.

I got up and out into the sunshine with some water, the worst shoe choice I could have possibly made and my phone. I needed to make some calls to my friends and family to help me with perspective on this.

As I wandered round talking through the problem and delving my mind for the answer I got to see the teams of people throughout San Francisco and lots of the street art!

Each person I spoke to made me feel like I needed home more and more. I booked my ticket to head home. I feel like although this hasn’t been long that I am not in the right place right now. I am definitely run down and in need of a visit to the good old NHS system back home for starters.

I have had a lot of time and reflection today on what I want and where I have been going, the things I have been doing and achieving. It has been a “deep” day….

I’m not sure if my decisions are the right ones or not, but right now I feel like home is where I need to be, for better or worse and if I decide it’s not….the world is waiting for me next week – I just pick a destination.

Day 11 – Goodbyes

Well today sucked.

All good things come to an end right? Today was the day Jackson had to head back home. I went with him to the airport and honestly thought about getting a plane ticket back home too….it’s funny how I am finding myself thinking of home more and more and setting up a home for myself.

I left the airport and made my way to my hostel for the night – a patient ride on the BART and then an aimless walk to get there. I’m in a female only dorm….well I’m not sure you can really class it as a dorm with only two other girls in it, but still. It is super nice and clean which is a relief. 

I have no plans, no schedule, no ideas and no one right now. Today was definitely a wobble day. A call home to mum was needed so I sat by the Asian Arts Musuem and had a pep talk. 

I then went to grab some Thai food which I couldn’t finish and so donated to one of the hundreds of homeless people in the Tenderloin before heading back to the hostel to settle myself for an early night and a more positive day tomorrow.

Tomorrow I need to get myself in gear and kick some butt!

Day 10 – San Francisco

So our day started with an early morning domestic Goddess moment of getting the laundry done. Opposite our hotel was a launderette (Mission Bubbles) so we headed over as soon as it opened. We were the first in there and I had fun singing and dancing to the old school music whilst feeding the machines my quarters – I felt like I was in the movies!

After getting into fresh clothes (best feeling ever), we packed and checked out. Our accommodation had been mediocre at best, if I was generous so for our last night we decided to splash at a cheeky five star joint on the main tourist drag. They even let us check in early.

Bags dropped, breakfast eaten, coffee smashed, time for the open top bus tour of San Francisco. We had a great live guide who kept us clued in and we even had an authentic San Francisco experience of the Golden Gate bridge…..cold and foggy….

We decided to hop off at China town and hit up some Chinese food for lunch. It was this cute place the offered lots of dim sum dishes off of trolleys (we arrived as the trolleys were finishing up).

We checked out all the tourist spots including Pier 39 with the underwhelming sea lion views but awesome dairy free Ben & Jerry’s!

The walk back to the hotel was fresh and breezy but the sunny day was beautiful. We chilled in 5 star style for a little while before heading out for dinner – chicken pot pie, so freaking cool!

And on the way back we managed to catch the sunset and of course the obligatory toilet stop for me – living life San Fran style!

Day 9 – Alcatraz

Our first day in San Francisco we decided to let Bumble Bee have a rest and headed out on the tram. We had no real plan so decided to head to Fisherman’s Wharf and have a little explore.

We walked through the market, past all the various piers, people and artworks before hitting up the Hard Rock Café (and getting my pin of course!).

Before the trip I had really wanted to get tickets to Alcatraz but you have to book a month in advance and we had long missed that. We arrived at the ticket office and it said that the next available tour was August 21st….maybe a little far ahead….so defeated we left. 

On the way to our next stop there was a ticket stand that seemed to want the luck to be on our side….the guy had four tickets left for the night tour (the best one) for tonight! I couldn’t agree to buy them quicker! For once something was going right!

With a spring in my step we went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Where of course I was the adult that I always am….

We had a little spare time before our Alcatraz trip so we walked to the City Lights Bookstore to have a little peruse and a peek at China town. As always, I lost Jackson to his design book section which left me to cause trouble!

Back at the port we were ready for Alcatraz! The trip was freezing….as it wasn’t exactly planned, I wasn’t exactly prepared so I was freezing my butt off!!! It was worth it though, it was fascinating going round and we got to wear some rather fetching head gear.

We got back to the port about 9pm so another late night by the time we got food and settled back at the hotel. Another touristy day to cram in tomorrow!