Venice – Day 1

So a while ago I bought a lucky dip trip on Wowcher which turned out to be two nights in Venice!

Our flight wasn’t until later in the day and by the time we got dropped at the airport I was starving so food was the first stop….

After a bit of hassle with the hand luggage (yay easyJet!) we hit the road, or in this case the air.

We landed and the confusion began. After asking for help, we got a bus ticket from the airport to the main station and from there after going back and forth we figured out how to get a ticket for the vaporetto (water taxi).

Off the boat we wandered round the streets and across the various bridges completely lost as to where to go. Google wasn’t much help, but finally we took a really dark, dodgy looking alley and got the our hotel sign. We pressed the buzzer and waited…..

A guy appeared and took us to a rather swanky looking hotel to check in before walking us back to the dodgy looking door.

Our little room was very traditional and old fashioned but we took no time to admire it as we were starving and exhausted. There was no delivery service so we went on a hunt for takeout!

Back at the room we scoffed our pizza, put on Friends and chilled out at last.

PS. It was good pizza!!!!

Disneyland Day 4

Home time came so quickly. Not only has the day come round so quickly, but I seemed to blink this morning away….

We got up, checked out and squeezed in one last ride on the Aerosmith coaster before hopping on the shuttle to the airport.

The airport was chaos and getting around it was a pain in the butt but we finally got to our gate (I got stopped and searched at every possible bit of security!) And before long we were on the plane home.

I’m sad my birthday surprise trip is over. It was tonnes of fun but you can’t stay in the happiest place on earth forever I suppose!

Disneyland Day 3

The started in search of supplies and then a walk for breakfast which wasn’t very successful. Instead of getting one hot chocolate, we ended up with three and still managed to get cheese in the sandwich! Nevermind, it was nothing that a juice pouch and Starbucks couldn’t fix!

We then hit up Discoveryland (namely Space Mountain). After the first ride, my faith in humanity and luck was restored as a kind couple gave their fast passes to us, no strings attached to go a ride Space Mountain again immediately! Safe to say, round we trotted…..

After checking out a few rides we headed over to the Studios side.

We checked out the animation area, Matt had a go at one which thoroughly amazed and amused me. I was like a little kid. Of course I took the opportunity to embrace my inner Moana!

After hitting up a few rides, we decided on our last one (which we rode twice as it was such fun), the Aerosmith rollercoaster. I loved singing my heart out all the way round….

After that, we went back to the main park in time to get a good spot and watch the Characters on Parade which was totally awesome, before we grabbed a very expensive dinner – urgh!

Finally, we finished up the day with the light show. A magical finish to a magical trip.

Disneyland Day 2

The big search for the all important headgear began early. There were quite a few options (Matt was much pickier than me!)






After much modelling it was settled and we could officially begin the day!

We checked out Adventureland first, hitting thunder mountain (40 minute queue time) and then Indiana Jones. Not forgetting Pirates of the Caribbean, the Robinson’s tree and some food. Of course we checked out the castle and the mandatory teacups (my favourites!)

I persuaded Matt to do some retail therapy before heading back to rest our feet after a full day galavanting.

We planned to come and see the evening light show but fell asleep and missed it – doh! So instead went on a mission for food….and a mission it certainly was! At 10pm we finally managed to grab some grub before rolling ourselves back to the room.

Ah Disney, you really are the happiest place on earth!

Birthday Surprise Day 1

It is birthday surprise day!!!!

Sadly I already knew the surprise due to an email faux pas, but I was still excited.

We got to the airport in plenty of time so went to Wagamama for breakfast where they had kindly given me a colouring in placemat. It felt rude to not embrace this and get some colouring done!

We got on the plane, got in the shuttle and finally arrived at my surprise…..Disneyland!!!

Matt had booked us into the “Cars” themed hotel and we were staying in the Lightning McQueen section. He had also booked an evening surprise that the hotel staff ruined….Buffalo Bill’s!!

We settled in the hotel and then went for a little walk and a bite to eat as we had a long wait for Buffalo Bill’s.

Finally the time came and we donned our cowboy hats (the green team of course) and settled in to enjoy the show.

Yay for birthday surprises 😍

Stockholm Day 4

Our last day in Stockholm…

We headed to Gamla Stan again to catch the changing of the guards. After standing 40 minutes to hold a good space at the front of the roped area and having a good time people watching – the guards have the patience of a saint! It finally began.

It was really impressive. I especially enjoyed the instrumental part where they demonstrated different calls on the bugle and drum.

The whole changing of the guard lasted about 40 minutes, which managed to stay mostly dry. You even got snippets of history from the commentator. It was really interesting. I definitely need to go to the London one for comparison.

After that I bargained for a visit to the Moomin café!

It was awesome! Even the plates, cups and milk cartons were moomin. I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

We grabbed a quick lunch before hopping on the metro, picking up our bags and getting the express back to the airport ready to go home. We knew there was delays as the winds were so bad in London, but we were hopeful it wouldn’t be too long, so we went to wait.

2 hours late, we were boarded to the plane to spend another hour and a half of the tarmac. Our plane had an electrical fault and despite fixing it twice, it was deemed not safe to fly and we were sent back to the terminal where more waiting ensured.

Five hours after our flight was supposed to leave we were told it was cancelled and we were sent to join a queue….and then another queue…..

Eventually we got on the bus to the provided hotel to join another queue!!!

At 2:30am we were finally in the room where we could sleep. Talk about a long day! Not quite our last day in Stockholm after all…..

Stockholm Day 3

We fit a lot in today. The weather was marginally better in that we weren’t getting flooded at every step!

We hopped on the metro and headed to Gamla Stan (the old town) to have a look about the old cobbled streets and get some touristy junk.

We wandered past the palace, to the river’s edge and back through the maze of narrow streets. I was super excited to find some moomin keepsakes and persuaded Jackson (despite his dislike aka fear of them) to let me have some fridge magnets!

We enjoyed walking round the old town for a few hours taking the views, the people and the atmosphere there. Some streets you walked it was only you and people’s houses either side.

When we had finished soaking it up, we hopped on to the tram to go to the Vasa museum.

The Vasa musuem houses an almost fully intact ships from the 1600s complete with 64 cannons. It was quite a spectacle.

In the evening we decided to do something a bit different and go to the ice bar. At a chilling -5°c I was certainly grateful for the extra layer they provided! I did love all the hidden bits in the ice.

After that, sticking to the bar theme we checked out the views from the sky bar before grabbing some dinner and heading back to the hotel.

Stockholm Day 2

The first day of 2018 was super laid back. We didn’t get out of bed until 11am and then we rolled downstairs for breakfast before taking it easy upstairs again and getting ready to leave the hotel gradually. The weather was atrocious so there was really no hurry.

We decided that as everything was pretty much closed, we would do the open bus tour today. In theory, a simple task….

We walked to central station in search of one of the buses or a ticket office. We found a bus that had no one to buy the tickets off so we went to tourist information and got sent round the house for 20 minutes!

Finally we gave in and went back to our original start point to wait for another bus in the rain. Luckily it wasn’t a long wait and before we knew it we were off exploring Stockholm in the rain!

After the bus tour we went to the Hard Rock to get my pin and some food before heading back to the hotel to chill out. Tomorrow will be more active when everything gets going again I’m sure….!

Surprise Day 1

An early start with a slight mad rush to get into the taxi for the airport, but we made it scratch card in hand.

Today was our surprise trip. We had booked through a trip for new year and this was the moment we had been waiting for to find out where we were going…..

The countdown reached the end and I scratched the card to enter the code and get the destination.

Stockholm!!!! So exciting and before long we were on the plane, on the way to our new year location.

We landed, got on the train to central, walked to our hotel and checked in. I then snuck in a sneaky nap. had booked us table reservations to enjoy a lovely local meal. I swear it was the best rib eye steak I think I’ve ever had. I ate so much food I needed to be rolled back to the hotel!

After a rest up we got on to the train to Zinkensdamm for the walk up to Skinnarviksberget, the highest point in Stockholm, to enjoy the fireworks and boy was it impressive. The atmosphere was great with everyone counting down and ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’. For a change I actually enjoyed fireworks!

After welcoming 2018 we headed back to the hotel to chill out and wish everyone we loved a good one.

Happy New Year!