Day 2 At Augustine

I was surprised that I slept quite well and didn’t feel like I had been hit by a plane when I woke up. A shower bought me fully into the day and ready for breakfast!

After breakfast we decided to drive out to At Augustine. It didn’t take very long and the sun was shining.

We started out in the old town, wandering George Street, in and out of the shops and old buildings. The best shop was called Faux Paws which sold all pet accessories….of course it was necessary to get Luna the crazy Labrador X a little something.

I’m out of practice with the heat and humidity – England has started to get terribly cold recently, so I milked it and we stopped at Ben & Jerry’s for an ice cream.

Refreshed and ready, we wandered over to the old fort and had a walk round the walls taking in the views. The beautiful weather made it so stunning.

Last but not least at St Augustine’s was to check out Ripley’s Believe it or not!

After being shown the weird, wonderful and concerning at Ripley’s (it’s the third one I’ve been to and there are still more bizarre things at each!). It was time to feel “cheesy American” and go to Walmart for some supplies….I tried to rein it in…..

With jet lag beginning to make me run out of va va voom, it was time to go back to the beast and head home for a quiet evening.

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