Day One Travel

I’m back with a new trip!

I eeked myself out of bed and into my lovely sister-in-law’s car to get to the airport, where Matt and I were given a lovely upgrade…. And the journey began.

I can confirm that 8 hours first class is much more comfortable, but not more interesting than cattle. I was super excited about the legroom though – I wanted to do a little dance in it! As a tall person, cattle brings tears to my eyes, especially on long haul for leg room!

I settled myself in, started my marathon of films, nibbled my snacks, fidgeted almost non-stop and even tried for a nap…. No such luck!

Upon landing, I said goodbye to my little haven and headed to the queue for passport control, baggage and then finally to pick up the car.

Oh boy was the car exciting! We got a pick-up….I feel all American right now! A two hour drive from the airport got us to our little cottage in Jacksonville where we will stay for a few days.

And on that note, I’m going to go and collapse in a sleepy heap. I’ll have more tomorrow!

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