Day 3 Switzerland

I was super excited to get up and head out this morning, but not before a lovely breakfast with Roger’s own honey (I wish I had proper luggage to take it all home!)

Then it was time to go….it was time to fly!!! Roger had arranged with his friend for me to be flown for 20 minutes or so over the mountains! It felt like I was getting ready for Top Gun when I climbed into the seat and strapped myself in – maybe a little less elegant….

The pilot Stefan took me over the beautiful mountains, towards Austria and along the Rhine. I was utterly speechless at how amazing and beautiful this experience was. The accountant in me starting totalling up if I could afford it as a hobby!!!! (The answer is no!)

After the smoothest landing of my life to date, I was shown Roger’s friend’s two seated, engined glider. He let me sit in it and talked me through everything. There was even a promise that next time he would take me out in it! I felt like a celebrity.

After pulling myself away from the airport, we headed up the mountain to Heidi Dorf where we checked out the fountain and had a little walk to the village in the sunshine. Of course there was an unending number of amazing views and always time for pictures.

It was meltingly hot so it was natural that the suggestion for an ice cream went down gratefully….much like the ice cream itself. I had mango and passion fruit as one scoop and caramel as the other. Both flavours were to die for.

We had been up early and on the go in the constant heat so it was definitely time to head back for a siesta.

Later once is had sort of cooled, it was time to experience the cable car and go up Brambrüesch. At the top we found the restaurant to enjoy an ice cold cider in the sunshine. Perfection.

Vilma collected us and we headed back for dinner. Fondue! I got shown how to eat it and enjoy it like a local (aka not making a mess) and filled my face until I had become one with the chair.

The evening was spent enjoying food, talking and taking in the beautiful view, before an early night for a super early start tomorrow!

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