Day 1 & 2 Switzerland

Ok so I am a bit behind….apparently 2am bed times do not agree with keeping this updated!

I arrived late Friday and Roger was there to pick me up and welcome me to Switzerland! My first hour was then spent in the car park at the airport due to the bad timing of the road works! At least we had time to catch up. By the time we got in it was almost 1am so after settling in my room, meeting my trusty room mate (he’s rather sophisticated!), I feel asleep like a log.

Saturday morning on the balcony….what a sight!

Even with the buildings in the way, you still can’t help but admire the beauty. After an appropriate time spent gawping, Roger and Vilma took me to the old town and the local food market.

After an enjoyable walk, a drink stop and a moment to enjoy the clock chiming song, we got in the car to go for lunch! It was Roger’s and Vilma’s son Nico’s birthday! The view from the restaurant was awesome….

A quick pit stop at the apartment and then back out to soak up the sights. Roger took me to the Swiss Grand Canyon which was unbelievable. You could see for miles – some of the mountains even had snow!

We drove for a little while longer before parking up and heading for lake cresta. The walk was “10 minutes”, but 20 minutes later I was still walking in the blistering sunshine….about 35minutes later we made it!!!!! Before anything, we jumped straight into the water which felt freezing at first (even though it was 23°c) but it was the most refreshing gift.

It was then that Roger realised the problem – he didn’t have his wallet and I only had a bank card. Sneakily we sidled up dripping wet to check the counter for a card machine, which of course it didn’t have, before tiptoeing back to our towels to make a subtle exit. It was the shortest most refreshing few moments that certainly well deserved….I’m sure no one would mind that much….

The trek back to the car seemed to go much faster now we had had a refreshing dip and before long we were heading off for dinner. Roger ordered me a very traditional dish and drink which has started a new addiction – oh Ravella my love! Haha!

The final stop for the day, the opera. Vilma was performing and we had fantastic tickets for Carmen. I have never been to an opera anyway, but this was a unique experience in itself. The stage was housed inside what I would describe as a circus tent. The set was all rotating boards and the orchestra was right up front for you to soak in. I was so excited!

I understood nothing, but I don’t think that is unusual for opera at least! It was beautiful and the music was goosebump worthy. Of course I got behind the scenes access for me and the bestie.

The after show drinks were stopped a little early as I was having to use match sticks to keep my eyes open. By the time we got home and I crawled into bed, the match sticks had long gone and I was moving out of intuition than sight!

I am so lucky that I have such lovely friends who take me to do these great things. Tomorrow is another day of enjoying Switzerland to the max!

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