Prague Day 1

Despite going away, getting up early was p-a-i-n-f-u-l! We both dragged ourselves out of best and to the airport like heroes for some breakfast and our flight to Prague.

After a small delay where I fought to not nap on my bag in Frankfurt….we made it!

We had the best Uber driver to take us from the airport to our apartment! He even planned a bank heist with us (if this actually happens, it was NOT us! Just to make this perfectly clear!).

Our apartment was dreamy! Although we had to make it up three flights of stairs, we were greeted with some chocolates and champagne for our anniversary. What cuties!!!!

A well needed pit stop later, we headed out to adventure. First stop – the Hard Rock Café!

Once we had refuelled we went exploring round the old town until our feet started to feel like nubbins. I’m still waiting to feel my toes again!

We stumbled to the supermarket, then back to the apartment, up the three flights of stairs and onto the sofa to vegetate.

First priority, rest up for tomorrow.

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