Hamburg Day 3

My final day with my wife…. It felt sad but we definitely wanted to make the most of it! We started with our breakfast routine and I packed up my stuff so I was ready to have the day out. I got my trainers on and we hit the road. We walked and walked and walked, talking and taking in the view and fun times together.

We stopped for a top up waffle and then rolled the rest of the way round the lake to Christine’s work place. It was great to see her office and where she spends her days. I will be able to picture it so clearly now!

Then as per instruction back home, we rolled (good ol’ waffle!) to the stadium to get a shirt and of course continue the giggles. We stopped at an old fashioned photo booth first and I’m sure everyone in Hamburg could here is laugh as we posed away like the paparazzi were there for us.

We found the requested shirt and went for a walk drifting around the city and headed back to the apartment for the dreaded return home….

Finally it was the sad time to head to the station and hug out our goodbyes. I had the best few days with my wifey and I know we are already planning our next trips to see each other.

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