Hamburg Day 2

Today was perfect. I had a lazy start to the day with Christine putting on a top notch breakfast spread that we tucked into in the sofa together. She even made me a hot chocolate using cocoa from Sri Lanka!

We got dressed and ready to face the day and head on out, but not before taking homemade birthday cake to her lovely neighbour! Carrot cake is the best šŸ˜

We then jumped on the train and went to pick up our car for the day. I was so ready to begin our mini road trip.

After a 20 frightening minutes later (only kidding Wifey!) we arrived at the pier on the Elbe River. Whilst pulling up to park Christine saw her two friends that we were meeting, so before you knew it we were honking and waving like crazy people let out for the day! But a few moments later we were settled on the pier like old friends (well, the others were but I was honorary!).

There was swimming, sun bathing, eating, relaxing, laughing….it was like I had known Sara, Caro and Christine all my life. I soaked up the rays happily and I even managed not to burn.

When we all decided it was ice-cream time and nowhere was insight, we made the plan to reconvene at Luicella’s to gorge on the most amazing ice cream….I’m going to ignore the fact it is my second day running and stick the the reasoning of being on holiday…..

Wifey and I had the most romantic of evenings. We had a picnic dinner on the sofa, watching a chick flick with candles and the best company I could ask for. It really was a perfect day in Hamburg.

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