Hamburg Day 1

It was finally time for the reunion with my wife! I hopped on a plane at Heathrow (where I was on the same flight as her lovely sister – a good sign!) And soon landed in Hamburg to a loving hug and friendly face.

After a late night chatting and catching up we hit the hay ready for my first real day in Hamburg to begin.

Saturday morning and my wifey took me to the most amazing breakfast café. I had the most heavenly mocha and the food was to die for. Naturally we hardly stopped talking enough to eat the food!

Next up, as per my request we headed to the Hard Rock cafe to purchase my pin for my collection. This was the first time Christine had been into a Hard Rock and I was thrilled I could take her and she could help me pick my pin.

Our next adventure (well for me anyway, for Christine more the norm) we headed to the ElbTunnel and took the stairs like some kind of strange fitness freaks….there was a reason we were indeed alone!

The views were amazing! The weather was literally picture perfect and of course I had the best company.

Christine was an awesome tour guide and took me around Hamburg all the while filling me in with bits of history or informational tidbits. On a beautiful day like today there was so much to enjoy

Of course before long it was time to refuel. You will probably never hear me say this again ever….ever! But I had the world’s best salad for lunch!!!!

I think I will dream about that tasty greenery tonight it was that good….

A few stops left for the day. We managed to catch some awesome Lindy bop dancing by the lake whilst soaking up some fun music, sunshine and relaxation. It was a great view of Hamburg.

Follow that up with an amazingly tasty ice cream, a trip to the supermarket and a boat party, I feel like we had a real wifey date day! What a great first day in Hamburg!

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