Venice Day 3

After a lazy enough start, we packed up, check out and went off for breakfast and a nice long walk in the sunshine. We found this awesome little place for breakfast with old school photos of Venice and lots of unique art and oddments hanging from the ceiling.

Refueled, we continued walking…..past the square, over the bridges, past the tourists and onto quieter streets. There was less commotion, less stalls and more “real life” shops and more of “real” Venice.

After getting lost amongst the boats and laundry, we headed back towards population and food. All the walking had got us ready for some good pizza!

It was then that I decided to cave and ignore the inner accountant to go for a gondola trip.

We found a quiet area and the route we were taken on meant we hardly saw another gondola. Our lovely driver (?!) sang to us and told is many interesting things about Venice. We were even shown Marco Polo’s place!

Despite the physical pain when handing over that much money, it was a really lovely experience.

We then hopped on the super crowded water bus to go to the airport and come home.

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