Venice Day 2

So today was Jackson’s birthday!!!!!!

Adventuring was a must! We decided to take the hop on hop off boat trip to see a bit around Venice. First things first….breakfast! I didn’t think it was possible to ruin croissants, but apparently it is….just add sugar – ewww.

We had some time before the boat left so we had a wander round San Marco and all it’s little snaky side streets that took you around like you were in a maze.

We headed back to the boat and went on a rhythmic trip round. We were hoping for some history or narrative of some sort, but no such luck so we decided to hop off for a while at Murano. The island of glass blowing.

Of course I took the excuse to try on the goods and buy what I could! It was so reasonable…how could I not?!

It was much quieter in Murano, you could drift around in your own thoughts and quietly enjoy the sights, which there was plenty of.

Before long it was time to head back to the boat and finish the trip before heading back to San Marco to have another wander and a pit stop at our hotel.

We finished the evening at the Hard Rock café (for my badge of course) and enjoyed a couple of drinks before calling it a day.

Happy birthday Mr Jackson!!!!

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