Venice Day 1

So a while ago I bought a lucky dip trip on Wowcher which turned out to be two nights in Venice!

Our flight wasn’t until later in the day and by the time we got dropped at the airport I was starving so food was the first stop….

After a bit of hassle with the hand luggage (yay easyJet!) we hit the road, or in this case the air.

We landed and the confusion began. After asking for help, we got a bus ticket from the airport to the main station and from there after going back and forth we figured out how to get a ticket for the vaporetto (water taxi).

Off the boat we wandered round the streets and across the various bridges completely lost as to where to go. Google wasn’t much help, but finally we took a really dark, dodgy looking alley and got the our hotel sign. We pressed the buzzer and waited…..

A guy appeared and took us to a rather swanky looking hotel to check in before walking us back to the dodgy looking door.

Our little room was very traditional and old fashioned but we took no time to admire it as we were starving and exhausted. There was no delivery service so we went on a hunt for takeout!

Back at the room we scoffed our pizza, put on Friends and chilled out at last.

PS. It was good pizza!!!!

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