Disneyland Day 3

The started in search of supplies and then a walk for breakfast which wasn’t very successful. Instead of getting one hot chocolate, we ended up with three and still managed to get cheese in the sandwich! Nevermind, it was nothing that a juice pouch and Starbucks couldn’t fix!

We then hit up Discoveryland (namely Space Mountain). After the first ride, my faith in humanity and luck was restored as a kind couple gave their fast passes to us, no strings attached to go a ride Space Mountain again immediately! Safe to say, round we trotted…..

After checking out a few rides we headed over to the Studios side.

We checked out the animation area, Matt had a go at one which thoroughly amazed and amused me. I was like a little kid. Of course I took the opportunity to embrace my inner Moana!

After hitting up a few rides, we decided on our last one (which we rode twice as it was such fun), the Aerosmith rollercoaster. I loved singing my heart out all the way round….

After that, we went back to the main park in time to get a good spot and watch the Characters on Parade which was totally awesome, before we grabbed a very expensive dinner – urgh!

Finally, we finished up the day with the light show. A magical finish to a magical trip.

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