Stockholm Day 4

Our last day in Stockholm…

We headed to Gamla Stan again to catch the changing of the guards. After standing 40 minutes to hold a good space at the front of the roped area and having a good time people watching – the guards have the patience of a saint! It finally began.

It was really impressive. I especially enjoyed the instrumental part where they demonstrated different calls on the bugle and drum.

The whole changing of the guard lasted about 40 minutes, which managed to stay mostly dry. You even got snippets of history from the commentator. It was really interesting. I definitely need to go to the London one for comparison.

After that I bargained for a visit to the Moomin café!

It was awesome! Even the plates, cups and milk cartons were moomin. I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

We grabbed a quick lunch before hopping on the metro, picking up our bags and getting the express back to the airport ready to go home. We knew there was delays as the winds were so bad in London, but we were hopeful it wouldn’t be too long, so we went to wait.

2 hours late, we were boarded to the plane to spend another hour and a half of the tarmac. Our plane had an electrical fault and despite fixing it twice, it was deemed not safe to fly and we were sent back to the terminal where more waiting ensured.

Five hours after our flight was supposed to leave we were told it was cancelled and we were sent to join a queue….and then another queue…..

Eventually we got on the bus to the provided hotel to join another queue!!!

At 2:30am we were finally in the room where we could sleep. Talk about a long day! Not quite our last day in Stockholm after all…..

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