Stockholm Day 3

We fit a lot in today. The weather was marginally better in that we weren’t getting flooded at every step!

We hopped on the metro and headed to Gamla Stan (the old town) to have a look about the old cobbled streets and get some touristy junk.

We wandered past the palace, to the river’s edge and back through the maze of narrow streets. I was super excited to find some moomin keepsakes and persuaded Jackson (despite his dislike aka fear of them) to let me have some fridge magnets!

We enjoyed walking round the old town for a few hours taking the views, the people and the atmosphere there. Some streets you walked it was only you and people’s houses either side.

When we had finished soaking it up, we hopped on to the tram to go to the Vasa museum.

The Vasa musuem houses an almost fully intact ships from the 1600s complete with 64 cannons. It was quite a spectacle.

In the evening we decided to do something a bit different and go to the ice bar. At a chilling -5°c I was certainly grateful for the extra layer they provided! I did love all the hidden bits in the ice.

After that, sticking to the bar theme we checked out the views from the sky bar before grabbing some dinner and heading back to the hotel.

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