Cologne Day 3

Today we rented a car and went for a trip to the past, back to RAF Laarbruch (which is now Weeze airport). First stop my old house on Stettiner Strasse…..

After almost twenty two years a lot has changed and what was once loads of green space is packed with housing. The block of flats was still there though!

Next we headed over to where Jackson used to live. His street wasn’t named the same anymore and there had been even more building work in his neck of the woods, but he could still track down the block of flats.

We went in search of a late breakfast/early lunch as we had had an early start and stumbled across a nice place where we stuffed our faces (well I did) and much to my delight I realised it was only down the road from the ice cream shop we used to cycle to when I was a child there. With anticipation I scoffed the last bit of food, paid and headed off to Alpago’s….

Memory had only served me partially….I forgot the bit where they close for the winter – doh!

With pouts had, we got back in the car and headed back to “camp” to see the old sights like our school, the old pool and cinema, the gate etc…

Being Sunday, nothing was open so we got back in the car and went to the next stop where Jackson lived in Elmpt.

Memory lane thoroughly visited we headed back to Cologne to return our faithful steed.

We popped back to the hotel for what was supposed to be 5 minutes but turned into a glorious two and a half hour nap and then headed out for some food (bratwurst nom nom nom) before calling it a night.

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