Cologne Day 2

We had the best blackout blinds ever and managed to sleep until almost lunch time! After dragging our butts up we headed out to go on the hop on hop off our round the city to get some history and have a look about.

We got off at the cathedral getting to enjoy the beauty of the architecture in the daylight before fighting our way through the crowds along the main shopping strip.

We checked out Bose and had fun with some of their props for their mini photo booth before hitting the Lego store and getting some for our growing collection!

We grabbed a late lunch and decided to go to the chocolate museum….my heaven!

We even designed our own choccie bars. I went for caramel biscuit, chocolate chips and almond slithers – divine!

A short stop at the hotel (of course to test the newly made chocolate) we headed off to dinner and the Christmas markets.

It was heaving with people, but we managed to squeeze in enough to check out the stalls and get some waffle before we called it a night ready for an early start tomorrow.

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