Cologne Day 1

Yay Cologne! Christmas smells, good food, friendly people.

We landed late as our flight had delays (hopefully that means we have had our share for this trip!) and then we had a very confusing trip on the train to try and get to our hotel.

Firstly, it was a marathon walk to get from the terminal to the train platform…I seriously started to question if it even existed?! Then when we got there, there was only four ticket machines….four….for a large airport like Cologne….someone somewhere is having a good old laugh. So after queuing for what felt like days we then got to the front to try and get our tickets. There was some question as to what options to select so the always positive button mash of ‘next’ ensued and out popped two tickets.

On the platform we had another long arduous wait as apparently the trains don’t come on time….or they lie on the signs? Not sure which yet….but finally we got to the town centre!!!

We wandered to our hotel, checked in, dropped our stuff and went looking for food! Of course we went to the Hard Rock Café to pick up my pin…

Then we tried out some of the Christmas market food before heading to the supermarket for supplies to go back to the hotel and rest before our adventures tomorrow.

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