Krakow Day 3

Our last full day in Krakow….

First plan of action once up and out was to battle through the snow towards Wawel Castle and get on the hop on hop off bus to pick up a bit of history and see all that we could of the city. We got to hear some interesting pieces about the Jewish ghetto, the historical mounds and the dragon legend. Overall, a pretty packed hour and a half.

We stopped at the Hard Rock café to get some quick easy food before heading off to the Wieliczka salt mines.

We arrived just in time for one of the last English lead tours into the mines. 800 stairs later (yes I mean a literal 800 steps!) We had been through the cathedral, checked out some churches, seen some monuments, heard some history and learnt a hell of a lot about the mines.

Once back to town Jackson made the executive decision as I was dithering, that we should attend one of the concerts at one of the most beautiful churches in Krakow. It was really lovely. There was a quintet and a solo performance from a flute, piano, guitar and singer. The acoustics in the church were amazing!

After the performance, I tried to get feeling back in my toes, ate some good street food, got some traditional cake to try back at the apartment before tackling the mammoth challenge of the stairs….

A perfect way to finish the day, topped off by a good hot chocolate.

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