Krakow Day 1 & 2

We finally made it to Krakow late yesterday after an hour or so of delays and milling in the freezing snow.

Our apartment was awesome, I loved it instantly and happily collapsed into bed to sleep (it was 1am!).

Today we got up, layered up and headed over to the hard rock café in the old part of the town. It happened to be on the main square so we could check out the Christmas markets and of course get some good Polish food!

After filling my face we headed off towards Wawel castle. On the way we stopped at a beautiful church.

We went inside and round the crypts. I got quite teary feeling the emotion in the place and the beauty of it. Not being a religious person myself, I still felt something and it felt right to light a few candles for my lost loved ones. Back out into the snow, we made it to the castle!

Of course we had to check out the dragon there….

Once I’d made a friend, we headed back to the apartment to warm up and feel our toes again.

Our final stop was for some tasty local food that I could hardly fit in and to do a rounds of the Christmas markets before calling it a day and climbing the 100+ steps to our apartment for the night.

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