Budapest Day 3

Today we had a hit list of places we wanted to check out…first on the list was the House of Terror. A lot of the roads were closed today, but the sun was shining so we decided to walk it, it was only 15 minutes after all.

We arrived ready to get our history on only to find out that it was closed Monday’s. Oh the joy!

On to step two then. The New York café. Another 15 minute walk and we arrived. We timed it perfectly, first in the queue! We were seated after 5 minutes. It was super grand and you even had a quartet playing for you. I took the opportunity to check out the Hungarian lemonade and dobos cake – I can confirm these are both absolutely mouth watering.

Refuelled ready for the next stint of walking we headed off. We walked through the Jewish quarter which was rather surreal to think that it had been a ghetto not that long ago with 14 people to a room and death’s left right and center, now though it is businesses and admired architecture.

We got to stop three. Szimpla Kert….a ruins bar. It was totally cool. I had heard and read about the ruins bars in Budapest and their increasing popularity but it is definitely something to experience. I can only imagine how totally awesome it would be to go in the evening for a drink or two….or four…..

We wandered further and ended up at central market hall, full of food, souvenirs and people. Oh and Christmas lights!

More food opportunity….yummo! Here we tried goulash. So so so good.

Jackson had to roll me from the market to th Danube for our boat trip and then had to nudge me awake to keep the food coma from kicking in!

After the boat we wandered through the Christmas markets (more food hoorah for langos!) and to this ice cream shop I has heard about. It does your ice creams as roses and I was so flipping excited. Rightly so – check them out!!!!

Final stop. Parliament to make sure the bestie got in on the Budapest action.

All in all, a pretty damn good day.

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