Budapest Day 1 & 2

Late yesterday we landed at Budapest airport. Tired, cold and hungry we stumbled out and into a taxi – rookie mistake….there is only one regulated taxi service in Budapest and we weren’t in it! A mortgage later we arrived at our Air BnB apartment. It is so awesome!

After some googling we decided to order and get pizza delivered. We filled in the online form and waited….an hour later and still no pizza we started to get concerned. Hanger was coming! When the pizza guy called, it was sweet relief!!! Then to to find out there was some confusion on getting to the right apartment could have bought me to years. Jackson (ever the hero) stepped in, took the phones and keys and headed down to find the pizza.

15 minutes later I started to get a little fidgety. I know he’s a capable guy but it was only pizza, where was he?! 25 minutes gone by and I was worried…..where the hell was Jackson (and of course most importantly my pizza!!!!!!). After 30 minutes I decided in my pyjamas, Jackson’s boots and my coat to risk leaving the apartment unlocked and head down to the main door to find him.

At the main door I freaked. No Jackson. No pizza. I couldn’t get out the front door as I had no key. I couldn’t call him as I had no phone. As panic set in I decided to head back to the apartment and rethink. As the door to lift began to close I saw a pizza box followed by Jackson come through the front door. I jammed my foot in the door to stop it closing and could have cried.

After getting back into the apartment and calming down/stuffing myself with pizza I finally could relax!

Today was much calmer. We had a very lazy start to the day. We are staying next to the parliament building so headed over to have a look.

After that I had to get my usual hard rock badge and we stumbled across some early Christmas markets here.

Of course, being the foodie I am I couldn’t resist trying the local chimney cake – sugar coma take me now!

The afternoon was spent freezing our butts off on the open top bus tour checking out Budapest and getting some of the history. Hopefully we have sussed what we want to do for the next couple of days!

We finished the night by grabbing a Hungarian sausage at the market to warm up a little (well enough for the walk to Aldi for snacks!) And back to the apartment to chillax – Jackson is much better at this than me!!!

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