Tenerife Day 4

The day started well with a delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The colours and flowers were my favourites so it definitely started the day with a smile!

Later in the afternoon, Natalie and I decided we were up for some jet skiing! So, we started the walk down the hill to the beach in search of a vaguely directed water sports hut.

After asking twice, we finally arrived. We dropped off our stuff, donned the life jackets and hot footed it across the sand to the waiting spot. It was then that Natalie decided to reveal that she was afraid of the sea…..

Five minutes later, a larger rubber dingy speed boat appeared to pick us up. We had to wade into the water and then get helped up in. Oh no, not Natalie. One – she’s stubborn, two – she doesn’t like the sea. As I was being helped up into the boat, all I heard beside me was a ‘thunk’. As I turned to look, Natalie was face down, bum and legs in the arms, wiggling herself over the edge of the boat. She slide into a pile on the inside of the boat, just missing face planting much to my amusement. This was then followed by laughter and the description of ‘like a tuna’ from the boat driver and I couldn’t stop myself creasing up. I laughed so hard I cried.

The drive over to the jet ski was amusing. The guy caught on that Natalie didn’t like it and so started doing alsorts of extravagant twists and turns. I was having the time of my life!

What must have felt like an eternity for Natalie, but was only moments, got us to the jet skis. Installed, introduced to the instructor and left bobbing in the sea, we were soon ready to go.

It was incredible! So much fun!!!! Feeling the sea air whip through your hair and the water spray up was just awesome. We had 40 minutes of this freedom before they bought us back in. (Pics to follow). We then have another joyous boat ride back…..

We were both exhausted after all the adrenaline. A slow walk up the hill, we were both ready for a bath, food and bed! What a day!

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