Tenerife Day 1

Today we headed off for a girls holiday….it started eventfully with items having being stolen from my car, sat nav sending me in the wrong direction, a small machine mess up at check in and a 40 minute delay for take off.

We finally made it though and after a bit of a search to get our transfer, Natalie and I arrived to our five star luxury girl pad!

We decided our first mission, as almost all food pretty much will kill Natalie, should be to head to the supermarket and get our weekly food to set us up. It seemed such a good idea….little did we know!

We started out soaking up the sunshine and taking in the views. By the time we were at our third “supermarket”, we were losing the will to live. We had been walking 30 minutes already and were no closer to getting food. We put some tunes on and hit the pavements for a long walk to the main supermarket another 20 minutes away rationalising that we could get a taxi back with our goods.

Finally at the supermarket we stocked up with meats, melon, other supplies and the all important water….10 litres of it…..

Next was where the fun really started – getting a taxi. So apparently it is a little different to back home to get a taxi. There are taxi stops like bus stops where you can hail them when they come by. IF they ever come by!!!!! We sat for 30 minutes and didn’t see a taxi, just more and more people waiting. We called a taxi company and our hotel, all of whom assured us they were sending a taxi but didn’t want our names or any information.

After pushing our patience to the limit and a cheeky portion of McDonald’s chips to restore faith, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start walking. Did I mention we had 10 litres of water?!

The walk was painful….in all ways possible…..we kept having pit stops and crying out in hope for a miraculous taxi.

I may have also forgotten to mention how hilly Tenerife appears to be and that our beautiful five star accommodation was on the top of the biggest hill in the area – oh the joy.

Reaching the bottom of the Everest feeling climb, I began to cry internally at what was to come. My hands were already numb with pain and I was sweating pints. As were began to take the fateful steps, we turned and with heavenly timing saw a taxi stop for us. We decided the driver must be Jesus! We were in the taxi less than 2 minutes, but it felt a total miracle.

We stumbled up the stairs with our goods and landed in our apartment to celebrate with a well earned sit down and some dinner. I think we explored enough….

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