Day 12 – Decisions

I woke up this morning in a bit of a turmoil about what I should do, where I should go, what I want. It never seems to be a straightforward answer.

I got up and out into the sunshine with some water, the worst shoe choice I could have possibly made and my phone. I needed to make some calls to my friends and family to help me with perspective on this.

As I wandered round talking through the problem and delving my mind for the answer I got to see the teams of people throughout San Francisco and lots of the street art!

Each person I spoke to made me feel like I needed home more and more. I booked my ticket to head home. I feel like although this hasn’t been long that I am not in the right place right now. I am definitely run down and in need of a visit to the good old NHS system back home for starters.

I have had a lot of time and reflection today on what I want and where I have been going, the things I have been doing and achieving. It has been a “deep” day….

I’m not sure if my decisions are the right ones or not, but right now I feel like home is where I need to be, for better or worse and if I decide it’s not….the world is waiting for me next week – I just pick a destination.

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