Day 11 – Goodbyes

Well today sucked.

All good things come to an end right? Today was the day Jackson had to head back home. I went with him to the airport and honestly thought about getting a plane ticket back home too….it’s funny how I am finding myself thinking of home more and more and setting up a home for myself.

I left the airport and made my way to my hostel for the night – a patient ride on the BART and then an aimless walk to get there. I’m in a female only dorm….well I’m not sure you can really class it as a dorm with only two other girls in it, but still. It is super nice and clean which is a relief. 

I have no plans, no schedule, no ideas and no one right now. Today was definitely a wobble day. A call home to mum was needed so I sat by the Asian Arts Musuem and had a pep talk. 

I then went to grab some Thai food which I couldn’t finish and so donated to one of the hundreds of homeless people in the Tenderloin before heading back to the hostel to settle myself for an early night and a more positive day tomorrow.

Tomorrow I need to get myself in gear and kick some butt!

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