Day 9 – Alcatraz

Our first day in San Francisco we decided to let Bumble Bee have a rest and headed out on the tram. We had no real plan so decided to head to Fisherman’s Wharf and have a little explore.

We walked through the market, past all the various piers, people and artworks before hitting up the Hard Rock Café (and getting my pin of course!).

Before the trip I had really wanted to get tickets to Alcatraz but you have to book a month in advance and we had long missed that. We arrived at the ticket office and it said that the next available tour was August 21st….maybe a little far ahead….so defeated we left. 

On the way to our next stop there was a ticket stand that seemed to want the luck to be on our side….the guy had four tickets left for the night tour (the best one) for tonight! I couldn’t agree to buy them quicker! For once something was going right!

With a spring in my step we went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Where of course I was the adult that I always am….

We had a little spare time before our Alcatraz trip so we walked to the City Lights Bookstore to have a little peruse and a peek at China town. As always, I lost Jackson to his design book section which left me to cause trouble!

Back at the port we were ready for Alcatraz! The trip was freezing….as it wasn’t exactly planned, I wasn’t exactly prepared so I was freezing my butt off!!! It was worth it though, it was fascinating going round and we got to wear some rather fetching head gear.

We got back to the port about 9pm so another late night by the time we got food and settled back at the hotel. Another touristy day to cram in tomorrow!

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