Day 8 – Monterey & Santa Cruz

First stop – Monterey aquarium to see the sea kittens aka sea otters!

The aquarium was highly recommended everywhere you went and although quite expensive, it was good! My favourite was seeing the fish and sharks get fed in the kelp tank. A diver went into the tank to hand feed them calamari (haha). What made it was that the driver had a microphone so it was completely interactive. It was really comical watching the sharks nudge him and try and sneak inbetween the tubes to get food – they were like dogs!

Of course I was a giant child every opportunity I got enjoying the touch pools and peek-a-boo spots! I think Jackson was ready to deny knowing me…..

After the aquarium and a quick bite to eat, it was time to hit the road Jack and head for Santa Cruz. The drive was on some great windy roads with some very beautiful views of the coast. I loved the changing landscape; from city, the highway, to beach, to vineyards, to mountains and back.

At Santa Cruz we checked out the famous boardwalk. It was packed and the buzz was evident from a mile off. The challenge was on and we hit the miniature golf….(yes I won….with a handicap in my favour….) It turns out my coordination hasn’t much improved!

After a few more scenery stops….

We finally arrived in San Francisco!

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