Day 7 – Big Sur

We had a laid back start to the day enjoying breakfast at the hotel and a sit down on our rooms balcony.

When we hopped into the car, the sun was shining which was perfect for some top down driving along the Pacific Coast Highway.

We drove out to Big Sur with scenery stops along the way. There were some really breathtaking views and even when we were sat in traffic we could see for miles, hike up the music and catch the rays with the top down.

We stopped just outside Pfeiffer State National Park (from there the roads were closed due to mudslides and collapsing), so we grabbed some lunch and enjoyed the forest around us. There were so many wood peckers around despite the people and they had no fear whatsoever….you had to keep a close eye on your sandwich!!!

We turned road and headed back to look for a scenic point to chill at. We stopped at the impressive Bixby Creek Bridge to get some iconic snaps…

Five minutes down the road, we pulled in to a stop point with no one else there. The view wasn’t visible from the car as there were some bushes but when we got out and had a look it was gorgeous and there was a little path way taking you down the cliff. Obviously we had to go!

It lead to a forgotten rockery area with the most perfect views of the sea and coastline. We were completely alone. The only sounds were the birds and the sea and the views were the surrounding cliffs and sea….that’s it! Perfection.

We stayed for an hour or so. It was so relaxing and tranquil. The climb back up the cliff was less so….a small price to pay!!

That evening we went to one of the best restaurants in Monterey. Everywhere we walked past on the way was dead but Hula’s was PACKED and for good reason. Firstly, the food was flipping awesome, secondly the cocktails were happy hour all night (they went down very easily!) And finally, the vibe there was the best! I ate myself into a food coma and topped it off with one or two cocktails…or three or four….it would have been rude not too!!!!!

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