Day 6 – Hearst Castle

Well today did not go at all how I thought. Best laid plans and all that…..

My morning ended up being spent in the local Santa Barbara doctors clinic (don’t panic, nothing major….just lady issues!). So instead of heading out for the highway, I was instead sat talking to a very lovely nurse. Turns out the healthcare is efficient, friendly AND I qualified for it to be free – phew!

By the time I was done, it was already 1pm so we had to cut a stop out from our plan for the day. The agenda was now Hearst Castle.

We had a scenery stop and toilet break for me on the way, but otherwise it was hard core road tripping to get there and get on a tour before it was too late in the day. Luckily we made it and got on the 4:40pm tour.

Bus number one was ours and we hopped on for the beautiful drive up the hill to the perfectly positioned Hearst Castle. 

At the top we were given a walking tour which told us all about the Castle and it’s artifacts, some of which turned out to be a couple of thousand years old. The rebel in me couldn’t resist breaking the rules and sneakily touching a couple!

After our visit, I decided to take Bumble Bee for a little spin on the next stretch of our road trip! After a few dodgy moments of forgetting which side of the road you drive on here….we were off…

…Off on our way to Monterey….our stop for the night!

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