Day 5 – Santa Barbara

Waking up in the Disney hotel was just as cool as going to sleep in it…but a tiny bit sadder as you have to leave it!

After breakfast (a huge portion of French toast and an Instagram worthy donut that I would show you, but SOMEONE ate it before I had chance to get a picture!), we headed to the car to get the road trip properly started. 

Music on, satnav running, shoes off, sun out and the open road ahead of us we started off on our way to Santa Barbara.

There was a fair bit of traffic on the way there but luckily we were in no rush. The beginning of the journey looked very much like a bigger version of the UK motorways but the closer we got to Santa Barbara, the prettier it got.

We stayed in a beautiful motel for the night. I was so excited it felt like I had my own little apartment and was living the American dream. I insisted we cooked in our little kitchen for dinner. So queue, the gourmet mexican fajita dinner we prepared after visiting the local Spanish supermarket! 

I was feeling a little run and tired, so Matt and I decided a film night was necessary. Being in American meant it couldn’t just be a normal movie night though….we had to hit up a drive through!

It felt almost like I had slipped back in time (ignoring the new cars, new film and high tech details). We went prepared with snacks and drinks and people watching was almost as interesting as watching the film. There was something really awesome about sitting in the car with the film coming through your speakers, watching other people sitting out on camping chairs and snuggling in the boots of the massive vehicles.

The drive home was quiet where I was fighting to stay awake. I happily fell into bed when we got in to our little apartment – ready for the next stage of the road trip.

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