Day 4 – Disneyland

Oh my goodness….Disney!!!!!

Most people by my age can appreciate the magic of Disneyland for children and enjoy in the excitement of those said children around them. Me however, I am more excited than any child I know!

I literally spent the whole day like I had an unlimited access to a bag of sugar and dreams…..I guess I kind of did at Disney!!!!!

The day started with a very grown up breakfast of cake and Disney coffee of course whilst I build up a steady hype ready to run free in the park. Of course I made sure I bought my Minnie mouse ears to complete my giant child look…. Maleficent was clearly the only way to go with this!

Next stop….bring on the rides! We were nice and early at the park and for whatever reason, luck seemed to be on our side and we never queued for anything more than 45 minutes the entire day. The best ride was Splash Mountain. Unfortunately I got the honour of the front seat and so had to pull off the soggy look (thank goodness it was about 36°c so I dried in less than half an hour!).

Ruling the ride poses like a boss!

After the rides, the snacks, the excitable running round and pictures, it was time to meet some characters! It makes my day watching the kids meet them and how they genuinely feel and believe about the characters….it’s only right that I behave in a similar manner right?!

The best however was clearly Fairy Godmother making all my dreams come true….

After a long fun filled day (all the awesome 😍), we headed back to our hotel – The Disneyland Hotel!

Best day ever….

1 thought on “Day 4 – Disneyland”

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