Day 3 – Hollywood

First stop today was The Last Bookshop in Los Angeles. It was a mini heaven for me. There were more hidey holes there than inside a magician’s hat! I wandered round in a happy delirium druelling over all of the books and the artistry of how it was laid out.

I had to keep reminding myself I only had my backpack and so couldn’t buy the entire shop to send home!!

I even found a book like a game that I used to play with my mum. We called it the squiggle game where you draw a scribble and the other person has to make a picture out of it. I taught this to my sister-in-law Annabelle when she took me to the hospital with my ankle before leaving for the first part of my trip….

We stayed at the bookstore until lunchtime and then headed to the food market in the middle of downtown to have one of the most amazing fresh pasta dishes ever….the market was really cool. I haven’t seen the like before, loads of different food places under once warehouse style roof with more people than you can shake a stick at.

Then it was time to get in Bumble Bee, take the top down and hit up the Hollywood sign!

The next tourist spot was the Griffith Observatory which had the most amazing views of Los Angeles. It was such a beautiful sight….different from the mountains and other cities I have been to so far, but no less show stopping.

The parking for the observatory was a little crazy and almost made you rethink going….luckily we didn’t!!!

The final stop of the day…..Hollywood Boulevard to go to the Hard Rock Café (of course – I needed my mandatory pin!), the walk of fame and the old Chinese Theatre where the Oscars used to be held. I managed to have the fright of my life walking down the street as I was so busy reading the stars on the pavement I looked up and came face to face with a guy draped in snakes….I held my scream to a squeak and managed to tone down my dramatic dive into the road to escape, to a quick skip!

We drove back, dropped the car with the valet – I feel so totally fancy doing that – and felt ready to drop at the hotel room. Tonight is an early night ready for the most awesome day tomorrow.

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