Day 2 – Santa Monica Pier

So jet lag was thoroughly with me this morning… Oh the joy! In order to try and kick it’s butt we decided to head for the beach to soak up some rays.

First stop… breakfast! I felt like a really cheesy American hitting up Starbucks, but it felt like the right way to go. Caffeine was definitely required! (Not before an unnecessary panic about where I had put my purse – in the car under the passenger seat of course…. Where else should you keep it?!)

Although we have Bumble Bee, we decided to hit up the metro for the day….. London underground seems slightly more efficient but definitely much warmer! I still can’t get over the fact that people are so friendly here! On the metro (people watching of course), other people started conversations with strangers!!!!!! Unheard of for London folk….

Off of the metro, we tested my ability to not jaywalk…. That’s a hard impulse, but some of the crossings would seriously take your life in your hands!!!!! We then made it to Santa Monica pier.

The vibe there was awesome! There was so many people, from tourists to locals, from people fishing to fairground riders. There was a constant bubble of excitement (mostly from me I think!). The views were beautiful. You could see for miles.

We spent the day waking from the pier up to muscle beach (oh my were there some beautiful people there!), on to Venice beach and back. 

We stopped in the mini parks on the way to watch people skate, workout, dance, play volleyball, play basketball, cycle, ride their various skateboards, sing, play instruments and alsorts of other crazy things. I enjoyed checking out all of the artwork on the way down on the buildings and the stalls where people were selling them… There is a lot of beauty and talent out there.

The walk back seemed to take forever!!!! It’s safe to say I’m a little out of practice and my legs were having a little rebellion with my feet which were starting to blister…. Good job Jackson had bought a spare pair of shoes I could borrow!

After what felt like an eternity we arrived back at the hotel where I hit the shower to freshen up and get rid of the sand (that stuff gets everywhere!). We were going to meet a friend of Jackson’s for dinner at the local New Orleans inspired restaurant.

It was so good there. I loved it. The music, the atmosphere, the food (I tried jambalaya which was pretty darn tasty). It even came with it’s own giant bidet centre piece…..or so Dave said…. I’m not convinced!!! 

After eating we went to hit up a bar, but genious here didn’t realise how strict America was with ID’s. So more walking back to the hotel – my poor legs and feet!!!!

A few drinks later we were ready to drop and the hotel and bed were majorly appealing. What a day!

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