Day 85 – Goodbye Cuba!

It has been the weirdest say weather wise in Havana today. I think Cuba was trying to give me all its options in one day…of course it finished with torrential rain, like what I arrived in! The storm was so bad that I was waiting to check in and the airport had a power cut so we were standing in darkness!!!!

Today I haven’t done much at all. I got up late, took my time showering and packing, wandered to the WiFi park to use up the last of my cards. Got caught in the rain so hopped into the local restaurant which I have been at everyday this week. They recognise me now!!!

Wandered to school, had lunch and said goodbye to most of my school buddies. Then spent the afternoon chilling with Carola at our favourite restaurant enjoying some good food and drink.

I was getting super excited and nervous to leave. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. But then I haven’t been home in a long time now….I decided a while ago that I needed to go to my grandma’s funeral and made the plans with a friend. I haven’t told anyone else… I am hoping it will be a nice surprise for my family to help deal with the sadness of the funeral.

Hopefully the storm won’t cause any problems with the flight or my change at Frankfurt….here’s to the next 13 hours!!!

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