Day 84 – Last Day in School

It has felt strange today. I have been here such a long time, to think today is my last day of school has been so bizarre. 

My last Spanish lesson was really great. We spent most of the lesson talking about Cuba, Cuban people, the economy, tourism, politics, equal rights and monuments around the world. For my Spanish it was pretty intense….lots of vocabulary I will probably not be able to recall again though!!!! It was a different class but it was so interesting to talk about Cuban life and see the passion, pride and emphasis from the Cubans. It was probably my favourite lesson. At the end I asked (in Spanish of course) if we could have a picture together to which Gisela was most excited and gave us her email address so we could send me the picture and email her in Spanish – she is totally the best Spanish teacher ever!

After Spanish it was time for my last salsa class. It was fun as always but today Roger didn’t go so it was all girls which made it a little less entertaining as rather than partner dancing and turns, it was more line dancing with some interesting moves. I hadn’t felt so British in a long time!!! I swear Cubans are able to dissolve their bones to move like they do when they are dancing….

I spent the rest of my day talking with the some of the other students and eating what I hope to be super safe food….I am a little afraid ahead of my flight tomorrow. It would be just my luck! I am taking no chances. Tomorrow I will be eating the plainest food possible and have tablets on hand!

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