Day 81 – Hard Work

I am a bit of a grumpy madam today. I didn’t sleep well so everything has been a bit of an uphill struggle all day.

Spanish class was super duper intense today. I was behind from travelling last week anyway, we had a new student join us today who is very good at Spanish and we were learning sooooo much new material. To say I was out of my depth today would have been an understatement.

I was really glad to be back at salsa today, something I am not horrendous at!!!! We have the usual problem of more girls than guys and with Roger’s wife now being in Cuba and doing salsa classes, there are no guys to switch round in the class. Luckily our teacher is good at dancing with two at a time! We were redoing some of the basic steps because of new students so it wasn’t too taxing which was nice after my brain had been sapped in Spanish class.

After dance, I headed to the WiFi park to see if I could connect. I should know better by now….it’s Cuba….I managed to get sporadic connection, enough to check emails and message a few people. I ended up in a restaurant with one of the ladies from school having a slice of cheesecake (daring but totally worth it – the first sweet thing in Cuba that isn’t terrible!) And a piña colada as that seems to be my go-to these days.

Before dinner I headed back to my casa to try and do some homework. I felt more inclined to put my head in an oven but after 15 minutes of just rereading the lesson I felt a little more positive and set to it….I guess we’ll see tomorrow how it went!!!

Tonight was a big sociable dinner with everyone who is currently a student at the school (twelve of us this week). For half of us it is the last week we are here, the rest have a varying amount of time left at the school…I think the longest left now is 5 weeks but the longest stay in total is 7 months!!!! My stay comes to an end Friday. Three more days of school to hang on in there….

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